Friday, July 2, 2010

July 12 to 18: Randall Studio, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha

You are warmly invited to come and spend some time at the "Open Studio Week" coming up very soon in mid-July. To read more click on the images to enlarge and if you have any queries at all please make contact
so we can fill you in on the workshops and other activities on over the week. Stay tuned.. some extra things look like they will be added... but you can be sure there will be plenty to do. On the Saturday when there will be a dedicated children's area we have a wonderful barista lined up to come and make organic, fair-trade coffee's for the day. Our supplier Kupenda donates part of their coffee income to a Kenyan Orphanage and Health Program. The rest of the week we will have their coffee and some teas and cookies (maybe cake!) available for you to purchase or of course pack a little picnic and take a pleasant walk in the Gardens after a sojourn in the studio.

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I came by these photos taken in the Seed Lab Lab by Denise Rivers when talking with Jason Halford this week. There's a lot happening at the moment - a collecting trip up north being planned and a University student currently working at the Lab and doing germination trials. Counting seeds into these containers can be very arduous when they are very, very tiny. These particular one's dont look too small - easy fro me to say - I wasn't there working on cleaning the seeds. To read about the Seed Lab and Jason Halford  click here.

Jason Halford outside the Seed Lab working in seeds from a particular palm - the name of which I don't have.

These pods were from Towoomba - given to me by the textile artists who travelled down to the gardens in May. A Brachychiton of which species I am not sure.

I have yet to identify this interesting pod a friend gave me.

These 2 works were photographed before the recent show I participated in at Percolator Gallery, Paddington. More works are waiting to be added to the studio archive blog.


Altoon Sultan said...

This looks like it'll be a terrific event; I wish you all success with it. And the two paintings are so intriguing, with a mysterious blend of decorative and descriptive: seeds, necessary and also beautiful.

Jill said...

Hi Sophie,
Yes, you may post what you wish...I see we have quite a bit in common.

In your previous post you mention Food, Inc...That movie has stayed with me - I think of it often, since seeing it a few months ago. Also, The Cove...I wish those two films would be shown to all high school students (would it affect them?...would they care?)

Thanks for your visit - Nice to meet you!

Ro Bruhn said...

This looks really exciting, I wish I could be there. My postcard will be in the mail tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Sophie! Loving your blog posts - so many beautiful seed related pictures. Looking forward to your open studio week and will be visiting on the Thursday morning!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello everyone...

busy time of late... Creating a week's worth of events for all ages and modes of interaction is both smart for maximum engagement with the public and mad for one's chances of rest and recreation...

Its been an exciting day because we now have the opportunity next week to include a speaking event on the Seed Lab and it connection with the Millennium Seed Bank in the UK. this has been an important part of the project this year and was going to clash with a field trip... but now it will happen.

thank you all for your excellent comments...I hope to be back to normal in a couple of weeks... till then I will have running shoes on!

I have just discovered there is a global problem with comments getting published that come through emails... they are not loading!
Jay Dee....your comment is stuck in my email intray!

Wishing you all well!

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