Friday, July 9, 2010

July 12 to 18: Open Studio Week... Mt Coot-tha

Read "you've got mail" to see what's been happening with "postcards from the blogosphere" - the mail art show organised for the Homage to the Seed OPEN STUDIO WEEK.
so what is OPEN STUDIO WEEK?
Click here to get the background story and overview of  WHAT'S ON! NB Children feature on Saturdays program on that overview!...And scroll down below to get info on one-off events happening over the week. By clicking on each flyer it should open so you can better read the information. Don't hesitate to email or phone with enquiries.  The Gardens are a popular destination for recreational walks and picnics as well as those researching on an aspect of botanical life. From Monday July 12 - for 7 days - you can stop off at the Randall Studio and spend some time viewing the artworks and other collected items, learning more of what informs this project and making links to community and broader initiatives that are connected with the conservation of seeds and the future of Seeds.
wednesday afternoon: 
An ART WORKSHOP seeking a fresh take - In a format not unlike a bookclub in some respects ideas are to be explored here. You wont be asked about the latest novel you have read - or then you might... rather ... the prompting will dig down into the deeper layers that inform your Art Practice. This class will be an introduction session to a course that will run from August for 6 weeks.
It provides an opportunity to see if this approach has any resonance for you - so would therefore perhaps best suit those for whom the questions around the direction and development of one's work are quite vivid and and where a level of dialogue and external stimulation is sought. It combines visual exploration with engaged conversation that is designed to spark one's curiosity to delve a bit closer to the core interests and enthusiasms that speak loudest to you.
With the Visual Art's tendency for external mechanisms to pull one away from inner promptings this class asks simply..."what really matters and how does one find the way there?" a large question that is set against the audacious questions about being on the planet at this time and what listening to key global challenges asks of us! Age old challenges meeting with the fresh serving of current circumstances.
How do we move beyond cliche and formula. What is cliche and formula to us?  And finally.... what's an art practice really made of?

Thursday afternoon:
Its a great pleasure to be able to invite you along to this presentation by Jason Halford who has provided
continuing valuable dialogue around the Homage to the Seed project over the past 10 or so months - from the time I first joined volunteers at the Seed lab at M Coot-tha - which is part of a joint project with the Millennium Seed Bank Project. His talk will involve the telling of stories ... something he is quite known for ...and a great way to travel into the project's core purpose and goals!

Sunday afternoon:
This event will take place on the FINAL afternoon of this densely packed week. Two excellent speakers with question time and 10 minute spots from 4 important community projects are involved. You can email RSVP's if you want to reserve a place!


Four Seasons in a Life said...

DEar Sophie,

I wish I had a magic wand so that I could transport myself and be there with and your friends. Sadly all I can do is lend you my support.

You have worked very hard on this and I know it will be successful.

Please forgive me, but my attempted drawing did not live up to my standards and I regret not having been able to send you a card.

Wishing you all the very best,

Sophie Munns said...

Dear Egmont,
Its great to hear from you and do not be apologising for not getting a postcard in the mail!
Im delighted you left this supportive message today and thank you for always having been so unfailingly supportive all the way along.... since the moment I wrote to you about that fabulous post on "the man who planted trees".
Keeping motivation high to work this year on this unfunded project and without a studio is something you appreciated from the start would be a very challenging process.
Your very deep understanding of what lies behind the outer circumstances of a person's life is always a gift of seeing that is in short supply Egmont!
You have given much that counts and for this I am deeply grateful...

Elaine said...

Hi, Sophie! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I wish you all the best during your show and am looking forward to reading all about it!

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely to hear from you Elaine... its been a busy 2 days and 5 to go!
Im just settling in and getting to connect with more people at the gardens and the visitors. Will be posting photos soon...

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