Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The week that was!

What a huge week just passed... Monday July 12 to Sunday July 18 was a wonderful week of activity, meetings, conversation and special events all rolled into one in homage to the Seed!

I am going to report on this at length , even if it takes several posts. Monday and Tuesday this week saw me moving out of the Randall Studio and today, Wednesday, was the first day in weeks for thinking about other things and attending to neglected matters waiting attention.

Numerous are the people I wish to mention and thank and then there's the stories to be told. The bloggers who sent cards made a huge impact... and on the ground were some fabulous and supportive people.

I'll leave you with some images... and be back as soon as possible to fill in the details.

from the seedpod collection

a temporary studio it may have been but it was certainly a lived in space over the 7 days... this being my office!

Thursday July 15th dialogue event with Jason Halford From the Seed Lab (part of the Millennium Seed Bank Project) presenting. I will do a separate post on this as Jason has provided excellent photos and drew  a good crowd along to hear his talk.

The Randall Studio at the gardens at Mt Coot-tha


Janis said...

Oh I love the wall of postcards Sophie! Makes me want to try harder to get something out to you - I must! Even if it's well passed the due date I will draw one for you my friend... sometime :^)

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Janis,
never too late....I am going to show them all again and would be absolutely delighted to add yours to the collection.
I have plans for them... so of course it would be excellent to have something from you for that as well!
looking forward to hearing about your new abode... and be inouvh very soon!

Elaine said...

Congratulations, Sophie! It sounds like it was a wonderful week and I love the photo of the postcard wall!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Elaine...
thank you!
a huge week... just catching my breathe... I must say the bloggers show and responses like yours the other day gave it a really delightful atmosphere - the week managed to be local and globally connected at the same time... that was wonderful... it felt as though 'we' are all connected - 'we' were taking time to think about seeds, and much more, across time and space.
This theme is relevant to people everyday in so many different ways... this show certainly hinted at that relevance!

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