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A Manifesto on real food! Plan to celebrate WORLD FOOD DAY OCTOBER 16th

Real Food Heroes is an initiative from SEED FREEDOM which you can read about here.

Found here
  • Identify individuals in your community or in the world who make an outstanding contribution in the defence and promotion of Seed Freedom and Food Freedom
  • Organise a celebration on World Food Day, 16th October in their honour
  • Tell us about who you have chosen to honour and why. Either:
- Upload a Real Food Hero Certificate (see below) or photo with description to ourSeed Freedom Map
- Post a certifcate or photo with a caption to our Facebook Page
- Email your certifcates or photos and captions to: info[@]
We will then share your Heroes via social media and add them to our Real Food Heroes Gallery and Report. Please also post photos, videos and reports from your Real Food Heroes celebrations to our Facebook Page for us to share.

Using The Real Food Heroes Certificate
Download and save a Real Food Heroes certificate (or make your own) to present to your Hero on World Food Day:
Real Food Heroes Certificate_LOW RES   (e-version for Seed Freedom Map and social media)
To complete and share your certificate electronically:
  • Go to PDFescape, a free online PDF editor
  • Upload the low-res Real Food Hero file when prompted
  • Upload photo of your Hero (max size 500KB) by clicking on ‘Insert’ and ‘Image’ on left menu. Once uploaded click on certifcate for photo to appear and be resized
  • Click the ‘Text’ tab to add text in the same way
  • Save and download your completed certificate by clicking the green button on left menu
  • The certificate is now ready to print, share and upload to our Seed Freedom Map. We’ll share all uploaded certificates via social media and in our Real Food Heroes Gallery, you can also email us your certificates
Also found at Seed Freedom's facebook page is this post: 

Vandana Shiva with chef Esteban Yepes, founder of Alimento Vibracional and Manifesto on Real Food – MAD Symposium, Denmark


Feed yourself with Real Food

Not with packaged food

Change one small thing every week

Do the best that you can

Teach your children how to cook

Sow what you eat

Cook with your heart

Give up "eating numbers"

Celebrate meals in communities

Say a strong NO to GMOs

Support local farmers

Spread the word!

Celebrate and honour Real Food Heroes on World Food Day, 16th October:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Join FAIR FOOD WEEK + Judging a photo competition

Its been a hugely busy period of transition for the Homage to the Seed project. Finally moving into the new home and studio 3 weeks ago but still waiting for internet connection has meant online communications were tailed down to rare posts, tweets and such... but ... things have been brewing.

painting the new studio!

Like this FAIR FOOD WEEK competition below which I am one of the judges for and is open till Sunday 25th 9pm. You have to live in Australia to be eligible for prizes but its open to all around the globe to be part of the conversation which aims to increase interest and understudying of what a FAIR Food System is and how all of us are called to take a part in ensuring we preserve the kind of food future we wish to preserve for generations to come! 


(Please share this info if you can!)

The story so far... results of round one:


My Food Story

Are you a finalist?
Thank you to the farmers, gardeners and cooks for taking the time out of your busy lives to enter. Your stories are beautiful! You shared sweet moments, heavenly food and a little piece of you. Sophie Munns, the preliminary judge, evaluated entries by the criteria of impact, creativity and story. Below are the finalists from Round One. Congratulations!
If you didn’t make it this time, never mind. Try, try, try again! Don’t forget every entry is in the running for Peoples’ Choice, so share your favourite entry and ask your friends to vote! Seecompetition details for more information.
Produce by ppmak
It’s not always about what you can grow to eat. Green manure is both tasty and essential for soil vitality! #myfoodstory
Produce by ppmak
This thyme is my favourite plant in the garden. It’s been through neglect and drought. 8 years and still giving more than I give. I love running my hands through it and breath in that earthy smell. #myfoodstory
Dish by spooky_girl
My entry for #MyFoodStory. Homemade pasta for my lasagna. Definitely not for everyday, this #dish is an all day affair that is eaten in an instant!
Dish by Bec
This lovely Roast Vege soup is made from roasted root vegetables, including a variety of lovely home grown pumpkins. We grow heaps of different pumpkins and squash each warm season, then store them on our back patio table over Winter. They store well, and slowly get used up in mash, soup, risotto, and with a good old roast dinner. While the oven is on for the roast, I add cubed pumpkin and root vegetables, to then make this soup!
Produce by Bec
These are a selection of our home grown, dried beans, with gorgeous scarlet runner beans in front. The beans are left on the vine until they are fat and start to dry, then we pod them, dry the beans thoroughly, store them, and use them through Winter!
Produce by Sandra
Asparagus Pea Flower I love experimenting with unusual veggies- the sort you’ll never find in the supermarket. The bonus is when they’re beautiful as well, like these bicolour scarlet flowers that I get before the pods form.
Produce by ppmak
A scraggly harvest of spring onions that will go in my lunch. They’re just waking up for spring! What are you growing in your garden? Do you have a food story? Play along with Flavour Crusader, just by adding #myfoodstory #dish or #produce to your post!
Produce by Belinda
In 2011 my tomatoes went nuts! I had an abundance of Mini Romas and Tomatoberries, although the possums got a few and the neighbours’ kids were welcome to share. Hunting for recipes to use them up, tomato and goat cheese tarts went down a treat for Christmas lunch, and delicious semi-dried tomatoes lasted well into Winter.
Produce by Cynthia
Summers produce from our garden in Seymour.
Want to share your food story?
These were the finalists from Round One, from competition start until 9pm AEST Friday 16th, 2013. Check back soon for Round Two!
Follow FlavourCrusader (Facebook or Twitter) and Fair Food Week (Facebook or Twitter).
Sign up to FlavourCrusader.


Fair Food Week — 19-25 August 2013

What is Fair Food Week?

PFP-coverCoordinated by Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA), to support the Peoples’ Food Plan, Australia’s first-ever Fair Food Week shines a light on our new story of food.
Over the week — 19-25 August 2013 — you will discover events across the country that will attract, intrigue and entertain you:
  • forums 
  • workshops
  •  speakers
  •  films
  •  farmers’ fairs
  •  food swaps
  •  community garden and farm tours
  •  and more, much more.
The week’s events will celebrate the work of Australia’s fair food pioneers – the women and men doing the vital work of creating a fairer food system for all of us.

What’s fairness got to do with food?

Lots. Let’s start with farmers not being paid well by major retail chains for the food they grow and raise for us. Then there’s excessive food imports that unfairly disadvantage not only Australian farmers and farm workers but our food processors as well. And about much of that imported food… do we really know how it was grown and processed… and what was put on it to make it grow or easier to process… whether farm and factory workers enjoyed healthy, good and fair working conditions?
And there’s one more thing about fairness, and that’s about fair access to good, tasty food for the thousands of Australians and their children living on low incomes.

So, what’s that got to do with me?

It’s your chance to do what it is that you do best when it comes to food wherever you sit in the paddock-to-plate-and-back-again journey. You’ll have our support to grab attention via print and social media, word of mouth advertising, promotion at markets, restaurants, cafes, and libraries.
All over the country during the Fair Food Week people will create and participate in story-telling, workshops and other events the possibilities of which are limited only by your imagination.
Most of all, during Fair Food Week, go out and enjoy food produced fairly — that’s fairly in the social, economic and environmental sense.

How can we help make it happen…

Fair Food Week is a good idea we want to see take off because it’s about food fairness for all of us.
So, it’s time to put on our thinking caps and plough into that random access memory of our brains, there to find creative, crazy, innovative and intriguing ideas for you and your friends to make something wonderful happen during Fair Food Week.
And… we would LOVE to hear back from you ASAP so that we can begin to shape this week into wonderful reality.
Contacts AFSA organisers in different cities and regions.
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