Friday, August 30, 2013

A Manifesto on real food! Plan to celebrate WORLD FOOD DAY OCTOBER 16th

Real Food Heroes is an initiative from SEED FREEDOM which you can read about here.

Found here
  • Identify individuals in your community or in the world who make an outstanding contribution in the defence and promotion of Seed Freedom and Food Freedom
  • Organise a celebration on World Food Day, 16th October in their honour
  • Tell us about who you have chosen to honour and why. Either:
- Upload a Real Food Hero Certificate (see below) or photo with description to ourSeed Freedom Map
- Post a certifcate or photo with a caption to our Facebook Page
- Email your certifcates or photos and captions to: info[@]
We will then share your Heroes via social media and add them to our Real Food Heroes Gallery and Report. Please also post photos, videos and reports from your Real Food Heroes celebrations to our Facebook Page for us to share.

Using The Real Food Heroes Certificate
Download and save a Real Food Heroes certificate (or make your own) to present to your Hero on World Food Day:
Real Food Heroes Certificate_LOW RES   (e-version for Seed Freedom Map and social media)
To complete and share your certificate electronically:
  • Go to PDFescape, a free online PDF editor
  • Upload the low-res Real Food Hero file when prompted
  • Upload photo of your Hero (max size 500KB) by clicking on ‘Insert’ and ‘Image’ on left menu. Once uploaded click on certifcate for photo to appear and be resized
  • Click the ‘Text’ tab to add text in the same way
  • Save and download your completed certificate by clicking the green button on left menu
  • The certificate is now ready to print, share and upload to our Seed Freedom Map. We’ll share all uploaded certificates via social media and in our Real Food Heroes Gallery, you can also email us your certificates
Also found at Seed Freedom's facebook page is this post: 

Vandana Shiva with chef Esteban Yepes, founder of Alimento Vibracional and Manifesto on Real Food – MAD Symposium, Denmark


Feed yourself with Real Food

Not with packaged food

Change one small thing every week

Do the best that you can

Teach your children how to cook

Sow what you eat

Cook with your heart

Give up "eating numbers"

Celebrate meals in communities

Say a strong NO to GMOs

Support local farmers

Spread the word!

Celebrate and honour Real Food Heroes on World Food Day, 16th October:


rosaria williams said...

What a marvelous idea!

Sophie Munns said...

Indeed Rosaria.. and time to plan something as well!

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