Thursday, December 22, 2011

the year is drawing to a close...

Its been a quiet time of late yet little time for posting at this homage to the seed blog!

I've just added a post at my other blog before I get stuck in to my studio work. Pop over and read what's been happening there. From that post:

In my latest E-NEWSLETTER sent out last week I celebrated the people and places I visited on my UK Research Trip. Quite an exhausting process it was recalling details and documenting it all, checking facts and links, so much so that once it went out I more or less came to a stand still. On the computer that is.

Click here to read!

 The E-newsletter is a very comprehensive picture of the Uk experiences and introduces the places and various people I met. If you find the time do have a scroll through and perhaps take a link to read more about the Eden Project and Millennium Seedbank for starters.

a few images from Seed Capsules tumblr:

I will be back soon... 
          wishing you all a most pleasant holiday season and time to replenish for the coming year!

NB: several images were removed on Nov 30th due to unknown failure to load.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

putting together a Newsletter

Its been a huge week trying to collate all the stories that made up my UK Research Trip.
I'm just about to send it out... so I will post it here for you if you'd like to read it.

In the meantime a few photos...

A xmas present from a wonderful friend that I was delighted to receive the other day:

handmade goodies...

a seed necklace she found and polished up

                                                                   her own chai recipe

                                                                     seeds from her garden

Such a thoughtful, aromatic and throughly delightful gift! What are you creating this year to give?

NB: The previous post contained a video from U-tube that someone sent me recently. Don't know why I couldn't add text when reblogging the this is the reference:

Jeremiah "Jere" Gettle has always been passionate about saving seeds. He is the founder of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and speaks to CHOW at his seed bank in Petaluma, California.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

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