Thursday, December 22, 2011

the year is drawing to a close...

Its been a quiet time of late yet little time for posting at this homage to the seed blog!

I've just added a post at my other blog before I get stuck in to my studio work. Pop over and read what's been happening there. From that post:

In my latest E-NEWSLETTER sent out last week I celebrated the people and places I visited on my UK Research Trip. Quite an exhausting process it was recalling details and documenting it all, checking facts and links, so much so that once it went out I more or less came to a stand still. On the computer that is.

Click here to read!

 The E-newsletter is a very comprehensive picture of the Uk experiences and introduces the places and various people I met. If you find the time do have a scroll through and perhaps take a link to read more about the Eden Project and Millennium Seedbank for starters.

a few images from Seed Capsules tumblr:

I will be back soon... 
          wishing you all a most pleasant holiday season and time to replenish for the coming year!

NB: several images were removed on Nov 30th due to unknown failure to load.


Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Sophie,

It has indeed been months since I came by for a visit but I can assure you that it has not been months since I last thought of you and wondered how you are doing.

I can only hope that 2012 will be a better year not just for myself but also for all the people as this century has been one of turmoil.

There are times I wish the geographical distance between us was easily bridged, so we each could meet and sit down for a cup of tea and home made cake, as i like to bake and just have a nice relaxing conversation.

For now a comment or an email must suffice as I wish you a wonderful holiday season and all the very best in the coming year.

I have been very proud of your achievements.

Warmest reagards,

Sophie Munns said...

How lovely to hear from you Egmont!

Its been a while since i was visiting the blogosphere very often, unfortunately. So to have you come by and leave this wonderful message ... its much appreciated.

I have whimsically invited everyone at my other blog post to call in for a xmas drink... so reading your comment about the distance... imagine if that invite wasn't in jest and one could simply visit. The conversations!

I am certainly wishing you my very, very best in 2012... may you and your beloveds be visited by the
best that life offers... in abundance!
So many have experienced a very tough year all over this little globe of ours... may we keep our hearts and minds towards the greater good.

One day maybe I'll get there for cake and tea! Here's hoping!
my best to you,

Dominique said...

j'ai pensé à vous en regardant ce film "thrive".
Si vous ne le connaissez pas encore, allez-y, il vous plaira :-)
bon week-end :-)

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Dominique!
What an interesting film. I had a look and yes... I see what you connected with.
Thrive is such an interesting concept... we seem o be on the verge of a new sense of what to thrive means...
A collective as well as individual concept which is critical for so many reasons at this time!
My very best wishes to you over the festive season and a wonderful 2012 to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Gal!

Now go Celebrate!



Sophie Munns said...

And to you too my friend...
have a lovely slow time and enjoy wont you! Thanks for your lively and considerable support over 2011 Mary,
all great things for you in 2012!

Velma said...

a lovely holiday to you sophie. your movable feast? one year a neighbor had a van planted. they moved it as the daylight changed. i think they really really wanted tomatoes.

Sophie Munns said...

All the best to you too Velma!
Thats a keen gardener ...I do hope they got their tomatoes after all that.

Anonymous said...

goodness what a year it has been for you..

I do keep tabs on you via tumblr, your images are always worthy of some eyeballing.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Grrl!
quite enjoying a slow down I must say! Love bumping into you at tumblr... such fun.
a wonderful 2012 to you!

Elaine said...

This past year has been such an amazing one for you, Sophie. I wish you all that and more for 2012. Happy New Year! xo

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