Monday, February 23, 2015


Its been too long between posts ... so a little update is called for.

Often I post at Twitter when sharing Seed Conservation material these days. Its surprisingly efficient and attracts such a good exchange of stories that I will suggest you drop into Sophie Munns twitter feed  if you wish to take a look. 

This is where I would find many of the articles I would like to share here at this blog time permitting.

I retweeted this post below last night for example: 

I highly recommend taking a look if you wish to be linked to many in the world of Seed Conservation Science and all things seeds, plants, food culture and sometimes Art + politics.

And Facebook: Homage to the Seed page is where I also share and follow in the search for quality information. 

Last week I shared the three images of the Caasowary bird and their habitat and rainforest fruit diet by National Geographic Photographer Christian Ziegler... see the whole photo series ~ 'Cassowary: Big bird in trouble' at this Nat Geo link: 

And  the image below I've shared at FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and on Visual Eclectica blog ... I'm preparing to have an online shop set  up to make available Archival quality Limited Edition prints.

The other plan thats now in focus is writing the book thats been in the wings for some time. My last post here touched on that.

Ive been collating material for the last 4 years, photographic, text-based, articles etc ... notes have been made on copious subjects and on blogs and various formats... but what I have recently focused on was  a snubber of days working with simple pen and watercolour paper capturing the key concepts and directions I wish to pursue... 

This format was more fluid and being able to work between idea, text and image was incredibly useful for drawing ideas together at this particular stage. I plan to self-publish a draft of chapter one with a simple online book template to work through initial ideas and be able to engage with others who will be contributing to this book on the Seed Project covering the last 5 years.

Its both a very exciting and/or overwhelming task ... depending on which day of the week it is and what else is pressing at the time. There is so much scope  so the main task is nutting out what to include and what's going to be unnecessary. I imagine that in itself will require tremendous focus right up to the last stage.

Contact me here if you have any inquiries.

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