Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A week in the Wet Tropics region of Northern QLD

So much to share here but not much time with only 24 hours left up in Cairns before I head back to Brisbane after a week getting acquainted with the area and the place where I will do a residency in September/October.... Tanks Arts Centre and Cairns Botanic Gardens. I wrote a couple of posts on this trip at the other two blogs... one about visiting the World Heritage Site at the Daintree National Park...

Mossman River at the Mossman Gorge

The other post about my new journal and drawings of pods and rainforest fruits I've been collecting.

the new journal

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Planning for an exciting Residency and moving to a new studio!

This past month could not have been busier!

Photos of work from the May IMB residency at the University of Queensland have yet to be completed for posting because no sooner was that concluded than a 12 month studio residency in Paddington, Brisbane came up... and also a month long residency in Cairns this September/October. 


This will offer a wonderful opportunity to delve further into the rainforest species of the wet tropics... work started during the 2010 residency at Brisbane Botanic Gardens. I will also be looking much more into the Rainforest Aboriginal Heritage and connecting with the Botanic Gardens Staff and other key organisations in the area.

There has been so much press of late about the Great Barrier Reef and proposed mining development that I am sure this experience is bound to bring much to light.

Great Barrier Reef

Its been something I've hoped to do for years ... travel north to see this extraordinary region. Whilst the planning for this has been taking place I was given the keys to the studio that I spent 6 months in during late 2010 thanks to Helena Lloyd, owner/director of Percolator Gallery (the studio is situated under the gallery).

Last week I trundled my journals and art materials across town...15 minutes from home... and set up studio and began painting! Read the post on the new studio at the studio archive blog... it includes a whole series of photos of work from the last week.

Now my only challenge is to keep up with these wonderful opportunities!

I hope to get back to routine posting soon... there's been much to share and when it gets really busy Twitter and the Homage to the Seed Facebook page is where you swill find me if there's a chance to go online!

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