Saturday, July 10, 2010

Biodiversity is the Variety of Life on Earth

at open studio week we will be talking about how it is that...
biodiversity is our life 

To pay 'homage to the seed' in the year 2010 asks multiple questions about our contemporary world... how did the seed as generator of life come to be so completely taken for granted - at aleast by those of us living where food seems abundant and money is not out of reach! Our attention is needed at this time. 
A great Blogger friend Egmont van Dyke sent me some links this afternoon and I found some interesting material to share here. I might add it is very worth a visit to the directory blog my friend set up...with its links to many creative people and organisations.

Taxonomy: from the UNEP

For the sake of brevity I omitted posting all the pages of this 30 page file... But you can find more brilliant material here at WWW.UNEP.ORG ... do go have a look.

Read about    

2010 BIP Logo

The 2010 BIP Indicators

Status and trends of biodiversity
  • Extent of forests
  • Extent of assorted habitats
  • Living Planet Index
  • Wild Bird Index
  • Coverage of Protected areas
  • Protected Area Overlays with Biodiversity
  • Management Effectiveness of Protected Areas
  • Red List Index
  • Ex situ crop collections
  • Genetic Diversity of terrestrial domesticated animals

Sustainable Use
  • Area of forest under sustainable management: certification (or Forest certification)
  • Area of forest under sustainable management: degradations and deforestation (or Forest degradation and deforestation)
  • Area of agricultural ecosystems under sustainable management
  • Proportion of fish stocks in safe biological limitsStatus of species in trade
  • Wild Commodities Index
  • Ecological Footprint

Threats to biodiversity
  • Nitrogen Deposition
  • Trends in Invasive Alien Species

Ecosystem Integrity
  • Marine Trophic Index
  • Water Quality Index for Biodiversity
  • Forest fragmentation
  • River Fragmentation and Flow Regulation
  • Health and Well-being of Communities
  • Nutritional Status of Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity for Food and Medicine

Traditional Knowledge
  • Linguistic Diversity

Resource Transfers
  • Official Development Assistance in support of the CBD

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Altoon Sultan said...

At the risk of being a bit poetic about the process of naming, I know that when I see a previously unknown mushroom or lichen or flower in the woods, my pleasure at seeing them is enhanced if I can name it. There is something about knowing a name, placing a species in its correct niche, that ends by enlarging me; aesthetic pleasure is enhanced by understanding.

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