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Postcards from the blogosphere...the story continues!

Perhaps you have read about the continuing arrival of wonderful mail art paying 'homage to the seed'. I have been assuring contributers these cards will be shown again this year ... so dont think they will be lost from sight. They are sitting in a box close by my computer. The cause of much discussion these cards bring fresh perspectives on the place of seeds in out lives - and really bring the idea of valuing this humble yet miraculous lifeforce contained in each small seed.
If you visit my other blog a number of July/2010 posts include cards sent from near and far!

Have a look at these ... loved the stamps on the envelope from  sanne van winden in the
Netherlands. (Please excuse the poor quality photograph... experiencing difficulty with camera at present.) Sanne's postcards below are printed from original pen and ink drawings....she was concerned the subject matter might not fit the bill... but something about these is so resonant with life bursting through... and that felt just right. It was a colourful envelopt o receive...inside and out...thank you Sanne!!! 

Sanne wrote these gorgeous words to go with her cards...

'a day closer to that day 
that will come again
and again,
even more beauty
 even more to give...'

and from the U.S.

From Jacylin in Chico, California comes this gorgeous card in watercolour... Its a Calfornia Redbud  or Cercis occidentalis and Jacylin wrote that the Maidu Indians would use the branches for basketry and for the shafts of their arrows. Visit her wonderful blog blue china studio to see more of her work and say hello from me! Delighted you sent this beautiful tribute Jacylin!

And here we have something very different and I think you'll agree with me...quite amazing! I'm going to absolutely make sure these cards get another showing... this one was on is way and arrived in time for a few to take a peek ... let me introduce you to 

cathy camperyou can bug me!
and if you visit her website you will get see much more from this very clever person... who does the most curious and fascinating Seed Art ...really! Take a close art. I am in possession of this one called 'Rosalia alpina'. I have to make sure children get to see it in particular! The real thing is just a little smaller than this.

I feel very honoured to have Cathy take time to make and send this from her home in Portland Oregon.

... loved what she wrote here:

about the author
Cathy Camper has published articles and stories for children and adults in CricketWired, and Giant Robot magazines. She coedits a tiny magazine about candy called Sugar Needle, and likes to make art out of seeds, and toy robots out of junk. Although she loves fossilized insects and getting surprises in the mail, please don't send her any gigantic bugs, especially if they have more than eight legs. 

Here's another of her works titled "Tribolite Fossil" - its 16" x20"

[Cathy C. Trilobite Fossil image]

Seeds used: 
poppy seed, lentils, acorn caps, honey locust, black locust, 
catalpa, yucca pods and seeds, chestnut hulls, elm bark, 
hawthorn thorns, rose thorns, daylilly pods, plant detritus

I find them extraordinary. If you go to her website you can even send an animated postcard to a friend... check it out at the website... click on postcards. Love it! Cathy writes books of various kinds...  do go and have a look! I found more at Google. Huge thanks Cathy! 
And can I tell you I just happened to find something about her seed art one day when on the net and wrote to her...  she later volunteered to send a postcard... how wonderful!

Speaking of Portland I have some delightful postcards to add now from the lovely Gloria Freshly, also from Portland, Oregon. Sometimes I fantasise about living there... why do I get the impression its such a great place? Anyway... Gloria's envelope has written on the back of it the message... SENT WITH HOPE!! ( for goodness in the world). I really liked the thought of that message being read by a postal worker here or there...and caretaker at the gardens who collects the mail.

You know its taken me quite a bit of time to post all these cards...partly because I kept remembering  the extra details .... the added messages which feel important to share too!

OK... here I'm posting these in large format because of the textural quality of the surface... and the way the colour has been applied. Click on these to enlarge for better viewing! I'll add some text straight form Gloria's blog about her process.. What a treat to have all these different mediums, processes and styles of work in these various postcards from people from all over... to appreciate seeds.
Mixed media on vintage postcards... dont you love the way they play with forms?

This one below refers to a technique of Linoleum rubbing - Prismacolour on paper.

Gloria: With the exception of the white and dark brown portions of the flower, above, virtually all of the glued elements on these cards are the end result of assorted rubbings that I did of a discarded piece of linoleum  my sister gave me last week. I found it more than a little challenging to work at this scale, but I seemed to have better  luck when I simplified the designs. 

  Gloria wrote at her blog on July 18 and July 7 about the homage mail art show.... Go see her lovely blog... Thank you so much Gloria for parting with these and sharing your best wishes and artworks!

We will stop off at Maryland on the East Coast now to view a very interesting work that Elizabeth O'hara posted on her blog as a tribute to the homage to the seed mail art show July 11th. The title of the work is 'Seed Talk'  Elizabeth says:  'its dedicated to artist Sophie Munns for her careful observation and

beautiful interpretation of seeds.' 

She also posted on July 6 about the mail art show... and managed to find this stamp which Id not seen before...

Warmest thanks to you Elizabeth... and go well with all your new endeavours!

Back on Australian soil now for a textile postcard that included some gorgeous hand dying and stitching as a tribute to the fames Black bean pod we know so well around here. The creator is Margie Creek who was part of a group of textile artists from the Darling Downs, a rural area - the bread basket of australia it has been called. I met Margie and 9 others inmay when they came to the Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-Tha for a visit to see what I was doing for the project on seeds....good exchanges have lead to further connections and I hope to go up and visit in September....and hour or so from here. Margie doesn't have a blog as such but I was keen to make the link and delighted when she and another in her group Nicki Laws got involved.

Big thank you Margie for taking the time to make this and send... it was much commented on!

These are from Brisbane - from Sally Flynn... and I must say how much I loved her medium for working on... a timber veneer. Light-weight and thin... but so suited to what Sally did with them. Lovely to discover Sally and her blog....thrilled she took part as Id not met her or discovered her blog before. Where was she when the Open Studio Week was happening? Not Brisbane ...oh no...she was stuck in Paris and Amsterdam and Germany and the like having a delightful time... just visited her blog and it looks like Paris today!  Happy travels Sally and big thanks for finding time to make these wonderful postcards (she sent a few) Note the stitching also on the printed wood.... pretty cool! Oh... and the winged seeds pods are from the Sycamore tree... helicopter seed pods.delightful!

Someone who did get to visit Open Studio Week created this fabulous card below on the spot the day she came. The lovely Katrina  ( her blog is katrina recycled ) joined the communal table on the saturday and picked up textas and started drawing the seedpods children had been working with earlier whilst engaging in a great table discussion with a number of us enjoying tea and conversation.

Katrina, is mum to a couple of kids, works (I think) full time and makes the effort to get stuck into her art whenever she can... I loved the fact she sat and warmed to the conversation and just created something on the spot. And I think her card is fantastic to boot. Love the small branches of seepods sitting over this text...wonderfully composed! Big thanks Katrina for coming all that way from out of town to visit and add something to this project ...glad you enjoyed the gardens at leisure - it was delightful to see you!

OK...last but not may have seen these wonderful postcards by Brisbane based Leanne who has a gorgeous blog Homemade Rainbows... her July 15 post is a delightful teeling of her visit to see the open studio event... and we met for the first time after having exchanged various blog communications for a while. Take note of the excellent quotes on her cards... Click on the images to enlarge them and see better what amazing texural additions she has included in the top one. Love the Nietzsche quote at the bottom...quite wonderful!

well....theres a few to photograph yet...sorry for this unbelievably slow process... I was very keen to give all who took part, or told others about it, a good chance to shine and be acknowledged ... You were so wonderful to take the time for this homage theme... the earth needs people who aren't too busy, overwhelmed with life demands, or distracted who can weave some magic around this extraordinary heritage which is ours to protect...

with gratitude...

NB If you go to the other blog you can read several july 2010 posts displaying the wonderful postcards that arrived from all over!


ArtPropelled said...

I'm amazed at all the different interpretations. Really wonderful postcards!!!

Sophie Munns said...

glad you visited you were one of the enormously generous people who spread the word on this mail art show!
thanks for the warm response,
ps ...just noticed the spelling mistakes - late night writing needs and edit...

blue china studio said...

I love all the different postcards and how everyone interpreted the theme differently. So great!

Thanks for posting mine!

Sophie Munns said...

Im so glad you found time to send your wonderful card Jacylin... including the background story is excellent - homage is about celebrating all the ways in which seeds and plants feature in our lives...
Shall look with interest to see what you are working on over time...

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Sophie,

Thanks very much for taking the time to post so many wonderful postcards from all over!! Your energy and dedication amaze me!!

Sophie Munns said...

It was a pleasure Gloria... getting such a wonderful response was inspiring and humbling for the reason people made time for this in their busy lives...a contribution not lost on the audience!

Leanne said...

So fabulous Sophie...thanks again for another flattering mention here...
It's so great to see all the other postcards that have fluttered in from far and wide since my visit...such a treat!
Lovely to hear from you and lovely to be back around your parts here catching up on all your doings...yes there have been some unexpected and unpleasant *work* events that have had their way of creeping into the personal space for me here. Quite exhausting but hopefully I am waving to the back of them now. One brush with vulnerability that comes with my line of work that I don't want to see repeated anytime soon. Sigh.
So glad to hear you found some well deserved down time. xx

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Leanne,
I think it was such an amazing effort from all those wonderful people...including yourself!
Dont like the sound of your work scenario of late...sorry to hear that...
Hope things are looking up now... thanks for visiting and hope to catch up soon!

Anonymous said...

Beyond any doubt blog with beneficial informations.

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you for your comment here,

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