Sunday, June 27, 2010

thank you bloggers for planting the seed!

This is a quick thank you post to.....

first of all the talented Leanne at homemade rainbows weblog here in Brisbane. She is one of the wonderful people who has responded to the 

call out to bloggers to be part of a mail art event

I posted 5 mights ago at both my blogs... see previous post... by posting a story on her blog about the  mail-art event and the residency project as a whole. Then she went on to discuss the film "Food Inc" which took the intervention of many locals here in Brisbane to seek/demand a screening here of this timely and important film. For some this is another version of what they are fully aware of... but for many it will be a revelation and... it must be said a critical revelation of the industrialisation of food in the US -  a story that is replicated here and elsewhere to a significant extent...and therefore - globally - relevant viewing for all.

Just skip over to Leanne's blog and you will find the trailer to watch of this film. And you will find the most wonderful photos and posts written by Leanne that bring such grace and delight to the everyday life.

Sunflower image by Leanne and the chumbakka fruit jelly images below also. I discovered Leanne at Brisbane Local Food which is a great 'ning' network on growing local in subtropical Australia. Her blog is well worth a visit... her photography and beautifully written posts are a pleasure to read.

chambakka jelly.... read more here.

Also...I have had brilliant e-conversations with blogger friends and I am now thinking "wow!"... there's really a lot of brilliant energy being stirred up... wonderful people sending postcards.... And I so wish to thank everyone.... At the moment they are still in the when they start arriving I am going to be
 V E R Y  busy and elated Im sure!

A N D   N O W . . . 

From the marvellous Mlle Paradis, based over in LA, have a look here:

I so want to know what she has looks absolutely splendid! Photographer, wonderful painter when time permits, and all round great tourer with camera in hand ... Mlle Paradis has posted at her blog on the postcard call out as well... ! She's one of those people with lots of great energy, shared liberally with many - and she always delights with her quick wit or insightful take on things.

Postcards from the blogosphere is bringing the best of spirit from near and far...



Maggie Neale said...

Oh, this all sounds exciting! I love the sunflower, the paths of seed layout taking the eye on a journey. I'm glad you had a chance to see Food, Inc. Everyone ought to!

I am considering "Homage to the Seed" postcard. we will see if one comes about. Thanks for your ideas and energy, your words and posts. I am fond of seeds.

Sophie Munns said...

Delighted to have you visit Maggie!
Stunning sunflower seed image - fascinating how the structure is journey-like as you say!
I do hope many see this film...
and if you have time.. that would be wonderful - re postcard! Your warm comments are much appreciated!

Leanne said...

Hi and a big Thank You from me! Of course the use of those images is absolutley fine.
I kept my eye out for you Thursday too...never mind, as you said, soon! Great feeling amongst the crowd though wasn't there? x

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Leanne,
I am so pleased that was fine.. to post your wonderful images... I knew as soon as I saw how many people attended the film that our meeting was going to be lucky break more than a given! So I shall look forward to a more planned meeting instead!
Great atmosphere at the film... the courage of those farmers and the the spirit of the alternative one's was fabulous!
Made me ever so glad to be here doing this!
see you!
S x

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