Friday, June 3, 2011

celebrate world environment day in Brisbane at this excellent event

This is a quick link so you can read more about this event I'm busily preparing for today at my other blog!

The program includes much food for thought, plenty for the senses, brilliant how-to's, demos, presentations and recycling options you can participate in on the day... All info at this link!

See you there!


Elle and Lou said...

HI Sophie unfortunately I missed the talk yesterday but I enjoyed talking to you and seeing your lovely work. Very inspirational. This year the focus with my primary students has unintentionally moved to nature and the environment so i feel very connected with your images and concepts. I have started following your blogs so now I can keep up with your progress. My blog is ubersavvy which features what my students do- if you get time I'd love to hear any ideas.
Thanks Lynda

Sophie Munns said...

I nearly forgot to come back and say how I did enjoy really talking with you on Saturday... and having visited your blog I am so impressed at what you are getting the kids to do!
I think I could get ideas form you instead of the other way around! Mmm ... will seek permission to post some things here.... any kids work on seeds by any chance?
Loved the insects, dragonflys and the forest series.

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