Saturday, June 11, 2011

future generations...

I like using the quote:

          "why should I care about future generations: what did they ever do for me?"
 by Groucho Marx

When I did the Hillbrook Sustainability Day presentation recently it really was the perfect question to discuss on such an occasion. One of the delightful children who comes to my studio is Chloe who'd done this seed pod drawing for me that she's pointing out - I photocopied it with a lot of images and text to create this wallpaper for the day.

It was a highly successful day because so much of what was on offer was information based but with practical solutions for many aspects of daily living! It was great to be a partcipant and have so many great conversations.

The day was perfectly sunny but not at all hot... had a good position actually.

The images came from my journals ... drawings that I copied onto A3 paper... some using the positive /negative process which makes for some fantastic results...  on the right of Chloe are a whole lot of pages form the Homage to the Seed journal from last year of which these were mostly black pen drawings with colour pencil... here they serve well as a document of that time.
This wallpaper made such an excellent talking point. I'll be using these pages again... of course I had to save them!

the pomegranate cross-section

Had some young students the other day keenly drawing and painting pomegranates... then eating them which was a bonus indeed! Liked the interpretations... so many varations on this theme.... here are a few!

This last one is printed... first we tried using the juice to stain the paper but it was so watery we didn't think it would last very long!

If you want to dabble with colour - and you're in my part of the world - then have a look at the previous post which will put you in the picture as to what I will soon be offering... and do contact me if you wish for receive more information.

                 To read all about the workshops I'm conducting at                            
                          Percolator   Gallery                                      
                    Saturdays... June 25,  July 9 & 23  10 - 3 pm                                     
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ronnie said...

those pommie pics are darling! and I love the idea of the wallpaper as well - its surprising how reminiscent it is of how your blog looks and feels (I'm not sure if that was a considered or desired effect - but v. cool)

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Ronnie...
dont you love it that kids... for a stage of their lives ,,,, are not too self-conscious to just get into it.
Wallpaper ... interesting comment... I had the idea before hand after seeing the space I could use... great wall... and enough room for tables to be not blocking the view.I didn't know it would work this well... and I had hoped to make tiles... all the same mosaic together but that would mean cutting up paper to size...losing images and text... this way it was SUPER simple and also effective.

I dont think we can leave our aesthetic aside do you... its remarkable how this often happens.. the way our brains organise things.
Your comments have me thinking... Ta!

Anonymous said...

Extremely well done Sophie! This was a truly inspiring post for me. The booth looks fantastic. Love/ Swoon over the wall paper and the table setup. And the pomegranate paintings/ color work are brilliant. Great thought to use the fruit as a printing plate too!!! BRAVO!

Sophie Munns said...

I'm glad you like this Mary... the wallpaper idea solved several problems in one ... so I'm delighted about that as i'll use it again.
Kids had such a blissful time time with the pomegranates .. 2 different classes ... all the kids switched on and were so absorbed!
Now what next i wonder ???
thanks for lovely comments!

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