Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An evolving project...

up-coming workshops - see below

"Homage to the Seed" is keeping me very focused as the various layers of this engrossing project collect fresh energy and new thinking, energised by plans for the proposed trip to the UK later this year.

I've just about signed off on the second e-newsletter ready to send out tonight after the wonderful response I received to the first one in May. See the sidebar if you'd like to sign-up to receive it.

e-newsletter header

In early April I attended a very worthwhile business seminar over two days that was delivered by the energetic entrepreneurial Dale Beaumont  - "New Rules of Business" who totally surprised many of his audience by having all kinds of tricks up his sleeves to offer over two (free) days. Perspectives - based on solid experience - on social media, websites/blogs, video, e-newletters and much more was well-delivered and comprehensive - made for highly engaged listening, and later, much activity as I worked with material I decided to use for my own purposes. It was an "A to X" experience for me ... it always helps to understand 'how' things work and 'why' to employ them.

Luckily  my brother visited at Easter right when figuring out Mail-chimp's e-news format and his coaching made all the difference for the tricky bits... so I appreciated the positive responses from one and all... behind the scenes it was a lot harder than setting up a blog I must say! But how great it is to have news all in one place - words and images... links to click away on... and a system of reaching people all at once.

The "opt-out" button is easy so no-one is stuck getting mail they don't want (critical yes!) ...and it can be read in any number of languages by clicking at the top... so what's not to like!

This week I start a series of workshops at Percolator Gallery in the Brisbane Suburb of Paddington. Some of you will remember I was installed in a wonderful studio at Percolator for the 2nd half of the residency last year at Mt Coot-tha ...  and due to its close proximity it was a  brilliant solution to the challenge of painting for a residency without provision of a studio.

Once again Helena Lloyd has stepped forward to make space available for this workshop series... and when I popped in on Sunday the places was filled with light and I was very excited to have this chance to be back there for the workshops.

There are events in the planning between now and the proposed trip to the UK... but more on that soon!
Invitations to present my project have been turning up and generally this is proving a very dense period for activities of all kinds.

Millennium Seed Bank building
Wakehurst Place, Millennium Seed Bank

Early May I wrote the post on Kew Gardens and the Millennium Seed Bank Project just as I was just developing a strategy to enable me to take up the offer to stay on-site later in the year... to carry out research in an informal kind of residency.
Plans are slowly taking shape with the encouragement and support of excellent people... some I've not even met in person have been extremely generous with information. Ive had so much happening on the ground at times though that this planning has had to be put aside temporarily. I'm delighted with the level of interest and support forthcoming and do hope to be bringing further news before too long!


Anonymous said...

Well done Sophie! This is so exciting. And it was wonderful to read your process and progress. Keep going. You are doing great work!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Mary,
I just reread what I put here and breathed out ... its so good getting the e-news out... an acheivement... it helps with focus an consolidation to interesting that. Did you find that? ... your Spring newsletter that I read was wonderful!
I actually went to the cinema last night and out for breakfast this morning because of a deadline out of the way... a temporary breather!
have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I did find that! The newsletter process helps me focus in exactly the same way that you said. It helps me be concise, linear in message, and it helps me really see and acknowledge all that I have accomplished. Sometimes, as we keep plugging up the hill, it is hard remember how much has gotten done. And sometimes, we are farther along than we thought. So glad to hear that you are getting a much deserved rest! A mini vacation of an evening away can sometimes be the rejuvenation we need. Right? Happy Week gal.

Sophie Munns said...

Rejuvenation ...great word that Mary!
The formal and concise nature of the thing forces the summary - a good thing I totally agree.
If it wasn't formal we'd maybe get caught up in the unecessary bits - without the brevity news gets lost anyway... so its a surprisingly handy device as you say.
And so good to feel that things have been achieved... even if they are modest things!

Velma Bolyard said...

i love that you will be at this beautiful site soon.

Sophie Munns said...

Plans are shaping up well.. the MSB had booked my accomodation on site... this is so wonderful... thankyou for you warm comment!!!

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