Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Would you lock the gate if they came for your town?

Here's a u-tube video from the town of Acland that didn't manage to lock the gates in time .... I wrote "up the road from where I live" about that story.

This poignant video shows Acland on Anzac Day this year... the town no longer operational. If thats not sobering... bear a thought for the great many towns in this region and beyond facing the same demise! And the land, farms and natural habitat, the water tables and riverways.

 I'm going up the road soon for this exhibition of Nicki Law's textile art. She's been told her farm is at risk... and so it is a very close to home story for her. In 2011 being a guardian for biodiversity has become extremely personal for many... people who were once at loggerheads are now joining forces as the fight grows louder between those wanting guardianship on land and water use and Govt allocations to Big Industry.

Nicki's exhibition runs five weeks... so if you live in the region please google for more info... I'll find links and pop back when I can!


Rosaria Williams said...

This is not a pretty story! How sad and detrimental all this will be if allowed. Where is the public outcry? Where are the environmentalists?

Sophie Munns said...

I think swift actions took these people, probably not used to protesting, by surprise .... One person was dogged enough/courageous enough to remain still in that town against everything that was threatened.
The next town that was targeted put up the fight of their lives... paid for alternative energy consultants to put a proposal to Govt - and have been hugely active!
Since then the action has grown.
The large regional city of Toowooomba nearby started speaking out when they learned they too were threatened early this year. There is momentum now Rosaria... links are being forged everywhere and the battle is on.
The worst is that we in the capital city down the road of several million or more - if we include satellites - kept on/keep on watching our flat screens and shopping at Woolworths like life is a never ending summer in the land of plenty.
thanks for asking the question!

ronnie said...

what an astute comment sophie! and what a bloody shocking situation for so many rural communities....

we (my farming man and I) have already decided ahead of any proposed onslaught down here on the far south coast of NSW - should nasties come our way, we'll be digging in for a protracted fight..... ain't no one taking us off our farm....


Sophie Munns said...

...Good on you Ronnie!
There was a big feature story in the weekend Australian .... two actually ...on the trouble around this issue... and the Darling Downs.

They also discussed the rivers and creeks systems of the border region and south between the range and the coast and how this endangers those most pristine of waters.
Wake up everyone I say... dont think this sort of thing happens elsewhere.

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