Sunday, May 8, 2011

Landscape Urbanism

Visiting landscape and urbanism blog this morning I noticed this competition coming up in Melbourne in July.Landscape Urbanism 72 Hour Urban Action Melbourne

100 international/national architects, designers, craftspeople and artists will race the clock to design and construct exciting new public space projects in just 72 hours in a real-time design challenge aimed at transforming Melbourne’s Docklands.

I'm curious about this event... this blog deals with : Dialogue and siftings from Portland, Oregon focusing on landscape architecture & urbanism, ecological urbanism , vegetated architecture, urban agriculture, cities, urban history & theory, mapping & other relatedconcepts of urbanism. 

The drive is on to reinvent our relationship with urban spaces... one sees some brilliant concepts and others that may leave one frowning at the very least. One thing is for sure... there's no time to waste on this account... our urban landscapes have a drastic impact on habitat ... and with increasing populations, urban sprawl and the rate of habitat loss we've no alternative than to  deal with these questions smartly. This event will no doubt promote dialogue around this profoundly essential issue. 

Applications for the competition are now open for individuals and groups, who will work in cross-disciplinary teams of 10 over three days and three nights to construct 10 exciting urban sites throughout the Docklands area from Monday, 25 July. Landscape Urbanism 72 Hour Urban Action Melbourne teams design, build, work and sleep on site, enriching the city with a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary experience. The competition offers an innovative platform that encourages rapid change through human initiative and creativity. 

below is the a, b and c's of the extensive blog/website listings one can visit from this blog which hails from Portland, US. And this is just the Landscape list... Go see more here.


ronnie said...

mmmmm lovely share sophie! (I wish I had a few extra lives to do all the things I'd love to! this does sound terrif - and so too does the long link list..... maybe I'll have to settle with one day working my way through this list!)

Sophie Munns said...

I shall look forward to seeing what comes of this 3 day event Ronnie.
... and the links.. yes.. they're endless and need a bit of time...worth it though!

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