Sunday, October 31, 2010

more images from the studio...

Its been a very busy time of late and when I posted last week I left a note saying that there might not be much happening here for a bit. Tonight I found some photos I'd wanted to add to this blog... so I'm popping in briefly to post them . There are more to come.... soon!

Please email if you wish to get in touch... comments all come through my email as well... so it's very simple to make the connection. Also my website has a contact page.

in the studio recently after a collecting expedition in the gardens

tiny works from a month ago - seeds from Western Australia

iron oxide on muslin on board with seeds

seeds and pods waiting to be drawn

The amazing ball of fluff is a species that hails from africa. The pods were bursting open on the tree and the balls of what was rather like fairy floss were floating and landing nearby.  It was quite a sight... very itchy though! The rest are from Australia. NB the bowl has seeds woven around the edge... and contains quandong seeds. the studio... I keep all kinds of seeds in the cabinet on the left!

the wall hanging on the left was given to me by textile artist Nicki Laws who uses natural dyes made from botanical
material from around her property on the Darling Downs.

working with iron oxide pigment


kjoto said...

hi sophie!
thanks for your lovely comment!
and, yes! it´s the time for collecting expeditions...
so do i today!
love your tags!
wonderfull sunny day for you :-)

Anonymous said...

hello Kjoto,
lovely to hear from you!
I'll have to see what you have collected!

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Sophie, so much to absorb in your blog. Photos were amazing, but your tags are very special too. Love the collections of seeds and the wall hanging is lovely.
Enjoy your work; I do.

Anonymous said...

lovely to hear from you Maggie! Its been busy... hope you are well!
Thanks for your warm comments. The tags are whimsical...I went thorough a stage of needing to do a lot of small work in August... Id had a break from painting and moved into a new studio ... curiously all the wonderful space made me feel overwhelmed and i worked very small and have gradually spread out and gone larger and bolder!
Been loving it...
its a wonderful wall-hanging that was given to me.
best wishes to you too!

Anonymous said...

Moving into a new studio can be overwhelming. I always feel like I need permission to move in and take over. Small can be good. Almost jewel like. When you are ready to expand, it can be like.....Kabam!

Can't wait for your return Sophie!

Anonymous said...

Your are so right Mary... from the jewel like to the... sky's the limit!
december.... bit a time to go before I freely get back to blogging.
I do miss being able to converse and see what's happening... wont be for that long though!

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