Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Images from the Seed Lab

Images form the Seed lab at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens 'Seeds for Life' Seed lab

Banksia spinulosa

up close

composed to show variation

The following images as yet to be tagged with name of species.
To be added asap!
seeds issuing out of capsules - before cleaning and data entry

gum nut seed capsules with seeds and leaves

under the microscope

this species shown below under the microscope

wonderful detail under the microscope

All these species hail from northern Queensland.

Principal Seed Collector Jason Halford at the Lab


Gloria Freshley said...

Wonderful images Sophie! thanks so much for posting them! Gloria

sophie munns said...

Thanks for visiting Gloria ...
its been good having a chance to view the seeds enlarged ...noticing the characteristics of each so much more easily.

jan said...

Wow, these are amazing pictures, it's great to see the details really closely!

sophie munns said...

The microscope brings a whole new world to delight in... glad you enjoyed the discovery as I did does not have the chance too often!
Lovely to hear from you,

Anonymous said...

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