Wednesday, October 20, 2010

its never too late for the Homage to the Seed Mail Art show ...

all the way from Canada

Montreal in fact....

Trillium sp?
This package of 4 excellent photographs mounted on high quality water colour postcards arrived in the mail and I was given them today when I spent the day at the Botanic gardens where this Mail Art show was held.

I am so utterly delighted to receive them as I am hoping to show all the Mail Art cards again before the year is out. These will be proudly archived for future showings. Do please visit   Nathalie   if you wish to see her wonderful photography. She paints as well and is  Graphic designer who's work has crossed into science publications, various genres, public issues and such.
Over the past year I have very much enjoyed visiting her blog to see the wonderful shots from her daily life in and around Montreal and beyond.

Asclepias syriaca

Achillea millefolium

NB I do apologise for not managing to scan these images and instead photographing them with a less than wonderful camera to post here!!



I love this blog dedicated to seeds, Sophie! I love to see seedheads,pods and seeds in any form. These cards are really special!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,
Glad you liked these... Im only sorry the photos I took of them are not great... because the actual cards are brilliant!
Great to hear from you....

em said...

these are very pretty. did you ever pick a winner?

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
I had this idea I should send a postcard to all the participants to thank them.. as I could not decide.... so maybe what I could do is put all the contributors names in a hat in December and pick a winner to surprise at Xmas... given thats when the residency ends and Ill have a wee bit of spare time... what do you think!

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