Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010 Brisbane Organic Growers (BOGI) Fair on today - first Sunday in October.

Tonight I was looking up the website at Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. as they are having their annual fair in Brisbane at The Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor and last year I went along and had a fabulous time... there was so much to see and many conversations to be had. I have added the info on seeds from the website. Their have their own seed bank and also recommend other reliable places to buy good seed.


It is always best to use seeds for your local area. This is one of the reasons why saving your own seed is so beneficial. However when starting out in gardening, or trying a new crop, you might need to purchase new seed. As well, it can be hard to save seed from some plants are they might produce seed readily (e.g. due to climatic factors).
The following are some reputable local seed suppliers:
In addition, the Seed Savers' Network and its associated Local Seed Networks are a great place to obtain seed. Some of the local Brisbane networks are:



Hi Sophie, hope you have a great time at the fair. I have just had a great time looking all down your posts and catching up. Your seed journal is stunning and inspiring. Would love a peep at that irl

Happy weekend

jan said...

Sounds like a great day out!

sophie munns said...

Hi there Carolyn,
Lovely to have you visit today...thanks for your warm comments...much appreciated.
Fair was wonderful too!

sophie munns said...

Hi Jan,
I wish Id taken tlots of was an excellent gathering and wonderful stalls... so mcuh one could have happily bought...for garden and kitchen and lunch!
Nice to have you stop by!

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