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A Global timeline for agricultural developments

Its been fascinating over the past few years working on this Homage to the Seed project how many times I've seen disputed the origins of agriculture. Perhaps its fair to say that new data is being found all the time and also methods of checking data have become profoundly more accurate ... plus the global sharing of information is also likely to contribute significantly.


Despite the fact that this Wiki information below comes with a disclaimer suggesting they are quite aware of flaws in their documentation of this material I am nevertheless posting it here as a considerably worthwhile way to look into this subject ... a subject now constantly in the news.

Threshing; Tacuinum Sanitatis, 14th century.

Use of winnowing forks

Wiki: Overview map of the ancient Near East
.... early sites for domestication of grain.

Timeline of agriculture and food technology

Neolithic Revolution


  • 2600 BC – Large scale commercial timbering of cedars in Phoenicia (Lebanon) for export to Egypt and Sumeria. Similar commercial timbering in South India.
  • 1700 BC – Wind powered machine developed by Babylonians
  • 1300 BC – Creation of canal linking the Nile delta to the Red Sea
  • 691 BC – First aqueduct (approx. 50 miles long) constructed to bring water to Nineveh.
  • 530 BC – Tunnel of Eupalinos first underground aqueduct
  • 500 BC – The moldboard iron plough is invented in China
  • 500 BC – Row cultivation of crops using intensive hoeing to weed and conserve moisture practised in China
  • 300 BC – Efficient trace harness for plowing invented in China
  • 200 BC – Efficient collar harness for plowing invented in China
  • 100 BC – Rotary winnowing fan invented in China
  • 100 BC – The multi-tube seed drill is invented in China
  • AD 200 – The fishing reel invented in China
  • 600 – The distillation of alcohol in China
  • 607 – The Chinese begin constructing a massive canal system to connect the Yellow and Yangtze rivers

[edit]Arab Agricultural Revolution

[edit]British Agricultural Revolution

[edit]Green Revolution

  • 1944 – Green Revolution begins in Mexico
  • 1974 – China creates the first hybrid rice,[24] thus starting a food revolution that has benefited tens of millions around the world. See Yuan Longping.
  • 2000 – Genetically modified plants cultivated around the world.
  • 2005 – Lasers used to replace stickers by writing on food to "track and trace" and identify individual pieces of fresh fruit.[25]

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[edit]References : read source at Wiki.

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