Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Inspiration Garden, Morningside , Brisbane

Yesterday I spent the morning in this wonderful garden set up by Andrew and Nancy Kent. 

I added an album on my Facebook page here!
Great story on the Inspiration garden at a growing venture: EDIBLE YARDS

Nancy was one of the speakers at the recent Biodiversity Dialogue events I held in conjunction with my February Exhibition. She gave a short talk on the project and how it is set up to include community and function over time.

Flyer for Biodiversity Dialogue event

The Inspiration Garden
Blog banner and contact details.
More here: BLOG

Nancy: left standing and right working: images Edible Yards


The Inspiration Garden is a neighbourhood permaculture garden situated near the Seven Hills bushland, Brisbane. The Inspiration Garden began when Nancy and Andrew Kent decided to take a small step towards a more sustainable lifestyle by creating a place where all are welcome to make friends and learn about sustainable lifestyle and permaculture.
The garden is now well established with a great following of volunteers supporting, growing and developing the garden, with over 600 people paying a visit to the garden since it’s creation in October 2010.
Nancy Says “Our volunteering program is unique as each volunteer works one on one beside an experienced gardener. We tailor the volunteering session to the needs of the volunteer. There is always so much to do around the garden that there is a wide variety of activities to choose from. If it is raining we do indoor activities like seed saving and packaging.”
Nancy holds educational courses and workshop sessions which include organic gardening and soil creation, what weeds and pests are saying to us, sustainable eco gardening, how to grow food in pots, Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums, film evenings, neighbourhood garden cook ups and Inspiring the Heart reflection sessions.

All are invited to contact the gracious hosts of this venture to participate in workshops on offer or in volunteering and learning more about the project. Lateral thinkers that they are ... there are many ways community are able to benefit and contribute to the life if this project.

Our encouragement and support for such ventures is paid back in so many ways. I hope you find a chance to visit sometime if in this region. 

Thanks for a wonderful time Nancy and Andrew!

I'll be back soon!

Below: The Garden layout.   Read more at history link.

See you there!


ronnie said...

ooo lovely.... and if it were just a tad closer I'd be looking to drop by to visit... (how freaky are pineapples....just saying!)

Sophie Munns said...

do let us know if coming north Ronnie!.
Pineapples take up space too... spiky things! Not so hard to grow according to a few sources...when I move I am going to try quite a few things that I've wanted to grow finally.

Roberta said...

What a garden. I have always dreamed of a garden where I could grow bananas and veggies together.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Roberta...
your would love this one and its so special that it is shared with the community. If you live nearby its possible to become the person in charge os a small area of garden which means there is somewhere to come and get one's hands in the earth and chat and learn from others.
Lovely to hear from you!

Valerianna said...

Wonderful place! I'm experiencing a slight pang of full-sun envy.... I love it in the forest, but growing food is sort of hard :)

Sophie Munns said...

You live in a place of astonishing beauty from what I can see Valerianna... but yes... climate wise... not great for food-growing. Here is pretty good indeed.

Mind you I do miss the more temperate climate that I spent years iiving in and learning to grow very different things to what does best here.

Our bananas and avocado tree produce happily out the back without much imput.

This is a lovely garden and so great that it is shared... and inclusive!

Stephanie said...

Hello Sophie Mumns, I was looking for information on how to appreciate the beauty of seedlings hence got me to your wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for popping in here Stephanie.
Happy Gardening!

Ummey Rezwana said...

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Nancy Andrew and Shannon said...

Sophie, I have been so impressed with this article I thought I would make a comment finally. Your skills as a Blogger - photographer are fantastic. Do you mind if I publish your link to this article in Read Wave. Its always better to hear about a Garden Project from an objective point of view. I am very biased because of the time I spend and love I feel for the garden

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