Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sharing: of purple, and of scarlet: the mysterious pomegranate

This morning in my email in-box were these updates from the 

Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog - Nibbles: 

SOWF, Pollinators, Bamboo,Policy, Cupuaçu, Salak, Pomegranate


well, I did read more but what I will share with you are the stunning images and story from 
a blog called "Gherkins and Tomatos"  .... 'A global celebration of food, life, people, places, and books. Stories and meditations spun by a food-obsessed lover of language and wanna-be photographer.'

Cynthia Bertelsen writes...

"the pomegranate reminds me of the eternal human struggle to make sense of the world. As I watch the vermilion-colored juice seeping across my cutting board, I think of the Greek myth of Persephone, about a young virgin condemned to Hell because she ate some pomegranate seeds. Her mother, Demeter, goddess of grain and harvest,  mourned Persephone’s absence by making the Earth infertile for several months out of the year."

Go to her blog to read this whole post and see much more! Its fascinating and so beautifully composed! To read about Cynthia D. Bertelsen, the creator of “Gherkins & Tomatoes,” see Details. PLEASE NOTE: All images are those of Cynthia Bertelsen!

I also noted there are further posts which I will be keen to read here:

© 2012 C. Bertelsen


Anonymous said...

Love, peace, and joy in the New Year dear Sophie! Thank you for all your hard work and energy



Sophie Munns said...

Thank you to my friend... what a year 2012 was... much happening in your world that was wonderful and enriching I know.
Now to write to you properly!!
xo S

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