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Bio { Cultural } Diversity is the new site I set up this week at as Ive been running out of time to blog all the excellent articles Ive been finding. Scoop-it is not unlike Pinterest in terms of the simplicity of saving something to archive or share.

Back on the agenda as the year narrows towards the close is the book I have been wanting to write ever since I returned from the UK Research Trip last November. In 2010 I put together a self-published title called 'homage to the seed' in time for the end of year exhibition on conclusion of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Residency. 68 pages in all it was rather speedily assembled. That this slim publication brought positive responses and led to some wonderful opportunities I certainly didn't expect.

It always seemed the there'd be another book...  still I made a promise to myself to not even think of doing it in that maddeningly brief time-frame of 6 weeks the first book had. I plan to allow all the necessary stages to be fully addressed and checked over.

Too much time can present a very different kind of problem but stalling the book project, commenced in early August, whilst in Cairns on Residency Sept?Oct provided thinking space and new input which found me settling on the original idea for the book...only this time round ideas were a lot more fleshed out and the sense of how to proceed as well.

                      Read the post on the Residency Exhibition here at the Studio archives blog.

Scoop-it seems to be an increasingly popular vehicle for storing dense articles on Plant Science, Biodiversity and other finds.

Examples of rescooped articles on my site:


Benefits of agricultural biodiversity explored

 Two recent papers — one a report of a long-term experiment, the other a literature review — point to the benefits of diversity in agricultural systems.

Via Luigi Guarino


Armenia and Georgia (2013): International Symposium on Fruit Culture and its Traditional Knowledge along Silk Road Countries - International Society for Horticultural Science (One of more interesting titles >> International Symposium on Fruit Culture & its Traditional Knowledge along Silk Road

Via Luigi Guarino

Scooped by Homage to the Seed

Sicily: Cuisine, Culture and Tradition: The Art of Eating Well In Sicily: Anatomy of a Meal

 Sicily: Cuisine, Culture and Tradition: The Art of Eating Well In Sicily: Anatomy of a Meal.

This link below is from  a 5 minute video on the fact a fifth of all plant species are under threat... with Dr Stephen Hopper, outgoing director of Kew Gardens.

Rescooped by Homage to the Seed from Plant Science

Plants need a 'new deal' to stem their decline, warns Kew director

The economic and environmental benefits of plants must not be overlooked, says the outgoing director of Kew Gardens.

Via Rob DawsonRuth Bastow

Now to sign off with some Pinterest pins...

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Its been fascinating to find how dimensional one's online community can be at the various sites ... some certainly show up at several different sites.

I must also acknowledge any followers who've joined in here and I've missed saying hello!


roz said...

gosh sophie
wonderful collection of imaqes in the pininterest files and so easy to view ..
good luck with the progression of the book and the BOOK LAUNCH celebrations!

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Roz!
Pinterest is the ideal visual archive. Quick and easy indeed. I find I take so many photos but very often dont get around to blogging them so this is a way to house a lot of images tidily!

I had to laugh.. book launch seems such a long way off. Have not given myself a deadline. Lets just say that summer slow down/holiday time wont be quite that at my place... seems like too good an opportunity to get stuck in then... with perhaps breaks here and there.
ciao, s

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