Thursday, October 4, 2012

Public talk Saturday, October 12th

A Public talk will be held at the Cairns Botanic Gardens next Saturday, October 13th to discuss the Homage to the seed Project and current Exhibition "In the Wet tropics" followed by a guided tour of the show which opens the previous night.

A beautifully laid out section of the Gardens is the Flecker Gardens.

A new building onsite is the Visitors Centre. The mirrored walls reflect the lush vegetation and make the building seem cooler.

I'm adding this seed pod which was not photographed at the gardens although there are bottle trees onsite. I've never seen pods on these trees so I was fascinated to find this image.

Bottle tree seed pods

Bottle tree seddpod found here

Back to the painting now. Wonderful weather here... two days of rain seem to freshened everything up ... today is sparkling!

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