Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A week to go ...and the rain is coming down in Cairns!

I'm staying in a large old-style Queenslander house... timber with a tin roof. Big verandah at the back to gaze over the vegetation. The Botanic Gardens is next door and Saltwater creek where crocodiles can be found (although not by me... no spottings since Ive been riding my bike over the bridge) is on the other side.

The weather has been sensational and so rain is a novelty I almost thought unlikely this month. Nothing nicer than the sound of a tin roof which rain pelting down. Rain is falling intermittently so I may get the bike out to go say hello to Gardens staff and have a coffee at the bustling Visitors Centre at the Gardens...but there is a lot of painting to do I will be mostly home bound!

I am going to post the invitation to next week's Exhibition Friday Opening and Saturday talk here in case you are going to be in this part of the world. If so... please came and say hello on Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th as I will be there at the Tanks Gallery and returning to Brisbane the following week although the show will run for several weeks!

Signage from the Gardens - Tanks Art Centre Precinct:

The legible version

Go to the Tanks Art Centre website to read more.

Working with Lino printing has been a return to a process of art-making that I once really enjoyed. The raw edge and uneven print surface is an aesthetic I'm particularly drawn to... and has often featured in my paintings as well. I added 3 posts to date (Sept 23, 26 and Oct 1st)  at the Studio blog so you can see more images there of work from Cairns.

I also posted on the Weekend in Cairns at my main blog (Oct 2nd) ... getting out for the day on Saturday and seeing what was going on was a good break from the studio and several previous posts on Cairns there as well.

Here are some of the images of work in progress...

...and the previous week I set up studio and collected seed material  in and around the Gardens

I've worked in journals initially... so helpful as away to think things through.

Time to get back to the studio!

Back later!


pRiyA said...

The images of work in progress are a feast for my eyes.
All the very best for the exhibition Sophie. Do post pictures of the show for us.

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Priya!

Lovely to hear from you... have missed popping over to your part of the cosmos! I will post images for sure... and thanks for such kind words!

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