Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Residency commences... Cairns Botanic Gardens

I arrived in Cairns yesterday, Tuesday, Sept 18th, at 1am after a somewhat delayed flight from Brisbane. The residence was wonderful to walk into... not a thing out of place ... the ceiling fan was on in my room, things laid out neatly... I felt most welcome! 

These photos below are from the last trip to Cairns and offer a little orientation re where I am staying. I will blog this residency here at the Homage to the Seed blog in order to document the time which will be quite full I'm sure... if yesterday was anything to go by!

View from the back verandah.

Jack fruit growing in the garden.

Downstairs studio space awaiting my things.

enclosed downstairs space with the door to the lock-up studio.

View of the house from the back entrance. Last time I hired a car but this time I will spend 4 weeks walking, perhaps bike-riding and catching buses. The house is 4 mins form the gardens and is where visiting artists stay. last time the house was full ...three male printmakers were in town to run workshops. This time I will mostly have the house to myself over the 4 weeks. 

An important reference book.

I have a list of people and places to visit and have spent the morning setting up house, then sorting out a few online issues. I'm off the the Cairns Museum soon and will get the painting going tonight. I'm lucky to have absolutely wonderful people here to work alongside and have so appreciated the warm welcome and support!

Back soon!


suzi poland said...

wow it is bare right now, but with your prolific creativity i am sure you will fill this space with wonderful offerings, feasts for our eyes and our souls. Wishing you well for a wonderful residency Sophie.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Suzi,
Upstairs and downstairs there's loads of space... huge verandah and one that's completely enclosed with air conditioning for those tough tropical days!
So far its balmy and spring-like... No humidity its heaven!
Thanks for your warm wishes!

ArtPropelled said...

This is all so exciting Sophie. Your heart must have leaped (as mine did) when seeing the poster for your exhibition. Great that you will be doing a lot of walking. I find walking clears my mind and helps me to create art..... and what an inspiring place you will be walking in! Wishing you all the best for a wonderful residency!

Sophie Munns said...

First glance I did do a double-take Robyn. Posters are not so common these days ...its usually flyers and postcards.
I've been swimming, walking and also hired a bike yesterday which makes Cairns easier to navigate ... its very flat between the Gardens, the city and beach... and behind all that is a semi-circular mountain range of rainforest.
I wanted to come here so long and am very grateful for this opportunity. Lovely hear form you and thanks for your warm wishes!
x S

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