Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day Two in Cairns ... on sundown!

Day two

Seeing this poster reminds one the deadline is looming. One reason I 
was keen to produce work in Brisbane over the last couple of months.

People pour into the gardens to go walking all hours. 

This is the view into the Tank Arts Centre at the gardens where the exhibition will take place.

Love looking up and seeing all the ferns growing on tree limbs.

This week is busily being taken up with orientation and meetings. Its exciting to see what can be packed into a short period of time. Not every idea will have the chance to be brought to fruition ...but certainly its very stimulating to be considering many options.


roz said...

the poster looks fabulous Sophie inspiring place to be.

Sophie Munns said...

Its just divine at the moment Roz ... no humidity, sunshine and warm days WITH a breeze blowing.
AND the garden being so lush and shady attract many who like the collier air and ambience.
Thanks re poster...Feels very at home to be here!

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