Sunday, August 29, 2010

a closed door and a secret garden...

Wednesday afternoon was spent in the library at the Gardens at Mt Coot-tha searching for various titles, one or two books were found I'd borrowed before and now with a little more time available the hope to do more reading has returned.

A quick check at the Seed lab found the door locked and no one at home. This was quite expected as Jason Halford, resident Seed Technician was still due back from his Northern Qld Seed-collecting mission.

I happened to bump into Gardens Caretaker Tony who had saved some seeds from a rather exotic bean  from Indonsesia he had grown to give me for my collection. I have forgotten to photograph these...which were quite a lovely shade of pale carmine.  While he was finding the seeds I managed to have a browse around his personal garden which is not really a secret...the hedge shown here is very low and all who habituate this 'behind the scenes' area are able to view his accumulating succulents and the particularly spectacular rock shingle borders he builds.
These circular and walled rocks were beautifully done and I immediately thought of places I saw in Scotland many years ago... Tony reminded me he is from Yorkshire... but asssured me they have their rock walls in abundance there too.... which I can recall if I think about it.

In a slightly secluded courtyard area that gets much summer sun are the plants below which caught my eye for the colours and various fascinating forms of the plants. Thank you to Tony for the interesting botanical diversion and adding something to the collection!


Altoon Sultan said...

Thanks for showing this nice collection of succulents, Sophie. I love this class of plants for their clear forms; the ones that combine red-orange coloration along with the greens are especially marvelous.

sophie munns said...

I was quite delighted the other day to get to see this more personal kind of garden within the much larger grounds.
They colors are excellent aren't they Altoon. The last plant in this line up I've never seen before.
Thanks for popping by!

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