Wednesday, April 7, 2010

'where science meets art'

'Where Science Meets Art' is the motto for engaging venue Embiggen Books - Bookstore and Gallery located at Noosaville, 2 hours north of Brisbane where I will be exhibiting artwork carried out in conjunction with the residency at the Gardens over the last 2 months. Read more here at Embiggen blog and website.  The weblink will provide you with all the necessary details - starting with  location and going into the on-line bookstore and everything in between!

Sophie Munns - Homage to the Seed

To give you a taste of the creativity behind this unique venture read the delightfully humorous but informative  about us  from the website:

Embiggen Books was born in Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. The only troubling feature of the birth was a few international financial shenanigans, other than this she has been a wonderfully well behaved baby. So on to a few vital statistics. Whilst she has wide interests including Art, Design, DVD documentaries, Fiction, History, Economics, Plays, Poetry, and Philosophy, she is science mad. She has the biggest range of popular science titles instock in the observable universe, and her technical science books are growing on a daily basis. Not bad for a little independent bookshop. What she doesn’t have on her gorgeous shelves she can usually lay her hands on very quickly so hit us with your enquiries. As well as this she is keen on kit, specifically science kit so check out the gifts and equipment section.
Her parents Mr and Mrs Embiggen have had long interests in evidence based understanding, reason and life, the universe and everything. They have sieved out pseudoscience wherever they smell it so you won’t find new age malarkey in the stock list. We’ll often discuss these things in our blog, so keep an eye out for interesting tidbits. We also produce a regular newsletter to keep you up to date with instore events which we try to video and stick online for those of you unfortunate enough not live nearby. We encourage discussion of these there and would welcome your rational well stated views.  It should be said that in a former life Mr Embiggen was a graphic designer and so we have the best art and design section outside of a major city. I mean who would ordinarily expect to find Josef Muller-Brockman or Stefan Sagemeister in rural Australia? This section is complimented by an ever changing exhibition in Embiggen Books’ gallery space. Check out more pictures of the shop on, just type in Embiggen Books.    
We’re hoping to making this site the best in the business over time, so we welcome your feedback. And if you ever have trouble finding a title let us know and we’ll try to track it down for you and order it if we can.  

There are titles to please quite a broad audience - those not science-oriented can dip into the arts and literature section and the children's books are well represented. Why I am so pleased to have made this productive link is that the owner/director Warren Bonnet has provided a strong community forum over time for such speakers as Ian Lowe, Janet Millington and Sonya Wallace from Transition Towns, Phil Moran from Landcare and various other noted regional speakers on Environmental issues. Its worth a look at what events are coming up on the website as there are regular writer's talks and special events.

Its located very close to the weekly Sunday Noosa Growers Market and with 2 good cafes either side its a very convenient stop-off point for locals and visitors to the coast. The Noosa region with its proximity to national parks and considerable land care endeavours by active citizens means has ensured a strong conservation focus. Part of the South East Qld region botanically speaking it has commonalities with the area around Brisbane.

Outside area with info area by Mr Embiggen.

Outside the Embiggen Books and Gallery

Group show at Embiggen Books by Mr Embiggen.

Summer Group show at the gallery

Group show at Embiggen Books by Mr Embiggen.

Painting on right - Sophie Munns

gallery and books by Mr Embiggen.

Books and Art : paintings by Isla Griffin

Embiggen Books by Mr Embiggen.

NB:  For more details about this exhibition please click on this invitation below.

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