Wednesday, February 17, 2010

nature's gestures

Its truly overwhelming to know where to start when wanting to familiarise oneself with this Botanic Garden stretching over 52 hectares. Soon I will have the pleasure of guided walks with various staff members which will diminish this problem of "where to start" somewhat! 
Last week after a meeting and spell in the wonderful Garden Library I wandered to sections of the Gardens I've not visited before, past some familiar places, taking photos and allowing things to simply catch my attention.

THis vegetation transported me elsewhere briefly - a little otherworldly - for a minute one could feel a long way from home. Below: this series of five images - all rather spiked, intimidating-looking plants that possess such a force to be reckoned with.
This succulent above with stringy off-shoots is worth clicking on to enlarge for a closer viewing. A perfect subject for a gestural drawing...the string-like scribbles adding drama to the otherwise classic form.
Different spaces are to be found constantly walking through the grounds... some intimate, almost hidden - others expansive, even grand.
Guided walks are available to the public, if not each day of the week... then certainly Monday to Friday. I must check that... or you can check the gardens website at the top of this site. 

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