Thursday, February 18, 2010

colourful finds

The Black Palm - Normanbya Normanbyi - is a single stemmed, large-seeded palm endemic to the Cape Tribulation region of North Queensland. Pinkish fruit - around 280 ripe fruit per tree (according to one source) which ripen over 21 weeks and seeds are dispersed mainly by water flow, cassowaries and small mammals. During my walk last week I came across the amazing sight of these fruit fallen from high up the tree all over the ground surrounding the base of the tree. *Click on image to enlarge!

Unfortunately I will have to wait until I can ask as to the species of this tree. I was very captivated by the covering of berries in different sections of the same tree. The white fresh new bloom appeared to change colour to the green and crimson and then they shrivelled somewhat into the dark, dried out looking berries.

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