Thursday, December 19, 2013

Be in the running to win a PRIZE ... FILL OUT OUR SURVEY!

Hi all, 

My name is Sam and I am currently  doing an internship with Sophie on her Homage to the Seed project. Last week was my first time working at the Seed Art Lab. I wrote a blog post about my art while I was there. 

So I'm back again to talk about an idea that Sophie for us to conduct an interesting survey on seeds. 

We wanted to test people's awareness of seeds. 

All you have to do is answer these questions and be in the running for some of Sophie's post cards and another prize.  (original Sophie Munns artwork) The purpose of this survey is to see how differently adults and people around my age (15) respond to this. 

Hope to hear from you 

If you can send us an email with your answers here  we will be sending out a postcard to the first 5 responses and the best response of all will receive an original artwork like this example from a recent series of watercolours: 

Message from sophie:  this page at my Seed.Art.Lab where I have this series of artworks for sale. The prize will be one of these artworks that is available.

"50 Watercolour paintings"  A series of works on 300gm Cotton paper, 10 cm x 21 cm. Some in the series of 50 are now sold. If you are interested in these I can send images via email.
$75 each or series of 3 for $180.
MORE INFO and background story in the Blog Post.

Looking forward to hearing from you everyone!

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