Monday, February 11, 2013

Homage to the Seed at Skyring Architects.

An invitation to be one of the changing series of artisan/artists promoting work in the window display of Skyring Architects has coincided wonderfully well with the upcoming art show "From one small seed - Encounters in Bio-cultural Diversity"..

Skyring Architects are in the nearby suburb of Bardon ... quite close to the Gallery where I am based in a studio and showing work from Wednesday this week. The wonderful people at Skyrings were indeed helpful on Friday when the display was assembled.

This kind of promotion is a reminder of what is essential in telling the story of one's project and focus. Its a wonderful place to present the work as the atmosphere in this business is quiet and focused yet clearly highly creative and productive. When one opens the door on the right the first thing one notices is the ping pong table.

These photos were taken late evening.

One's project encapsulated in four posters, several art works, a small seed collection and the story is out there. Its been a hugely busy few weeks preparing for the show and this from of promotion is interesting.I wonder who might connect with the project and come by. Will have to wait and see!

To read more details on the Paddington Exhibition and Biodiversity Dialogue series do visit the website and see the previous post here. 

Have a good week everyone!

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