Monday, July 30, 2012

Samara... newsletter of the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership

Last week I reblogged an excellent post from the Millennium Seedbank Blog here . This week I'm sharing the MSB Newsletter SAMARA ... available online and in several languages going back over a number of years. With partnerships all around the world articles in this newsletter cover a lot of ground and make for interesting reading... and not just for specialists necessarily.

Samara cover


The newsletter of the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership
From website: "Samara aims to provide information, and inspiration for MSBP partners and a flavour of the successes of the Partnership for other interested recipients. It is available as a pdf.
Read the Latest issue here.

Detail of violet tree seed pods
The seed pods have a ‘wing’ making them
a ‘dorsal samara’ type of seed moctar )
2004 Samara
2002 Samara

Seeds in a petri dish
in the lab:

Specimen and note book

documenting material:

2005 Samara

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Herschel Willson said...

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