Monday, May 14, 2012

Inviting you to a special ONE DAY ONLY show of work from the IMB residency this Friday!

The Institute of Molecular Bioscience

is hosting a show of

Artworks by Sophie Munns this Friday, May 18

In honour of the first ever International Fascination of Plants Day this Friday, May 18th, The University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience is presenting a show of artwork by Sophie Munns on completion of a 3 week residency collaborating with Scientist Dr Joshua Mylne. 

About: Three weeks has provided a rich and timely introduction to the field of Molecular Plant Science through dialogue and observation, journal keeping, photography, drawing and painting. Communications onsite aided this steep yet stimulating challenge to absorb new learning, in what was for the artist, an entirely unfamiliar realm of Plant Science.

When:  10am till 4pm, Friday 18th of May. 

Where: Building 80, Institute of Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland.
              Sitemap available through IMB website here.

Learn more about this recent undertaking and how it came about at this April post. Whilst on residency at the KEW Millennium Seedbank in the UK last October the immensity of knowledge around past endeavours in Plant Science only became more obvious as did the current "explosion" of developments in contemporary Plant Science ... bringing so many more questions to light, and  provoking a new determination to learn more at first hand, wherever possible. 
Sophie has considered at length the way in which simplified arguments descend into polarised thinking around some areas of Plant Science... tending to block rather than foster community understanding... all the while increasing a sense of alarm about the future by focusing single-mindedly on the food we eat - whether it's GM or Organic, rather than fully considering the delicate balance needed for competing needs to be addressed - habitats, soil, water, shelter, energy and all the systems that make up daily life. Building bridges between the scientists and general public is more essential than ever to actively engage the community imagination to see the layers of systemic changes needed to make societies work more effectively into the future and therefore to find new and more empowered ways of participating in matters of concern and interest.

Alongside the Exhibition at the IMB this Friday is a Public Lecture event:  
                                                 NOW FULLY BOOKED 
                                         (* an audio recording of the lecture will be made available on this site asap)

"Plants – and the future of global food security"
A free public lecture by author, journalist, editor and science communicator -- Julian Cribb
Friday, 18 May 2012
12 midday – 1.00 pm
'Qld Bioscience Precinct Seminar Room'
(Building 80 – entrance via Chancellor Place, St Lucia Campus)

"Lecture fully booked* "
Tel: (07) 3346 0553

(* an audio recording of the lecture will be made available on this site asap)

All are welcome for this one-day Art showing at the IMB... so do come along and discover what it's all about this Friday if you are able to make your way to UQ. The Bus terminal is outside the IMB ... also not too far is the Citycat terminal on the river! 
For those unable to attend Images will be added to the website and blogs with prints of some works available for purchase.

Visit the NEW tumblr blog celebrating Fascination of Plants Day which was set up on the weekend.

On a personal note...
         Welcome and thank you to all the new subscribers... its been a frantic few weeks and I look forward to catching up with many in the blogging community after this weekend.

PS: a brief E-news bulletin will go out tomorrow!


roz said...

be seeing you Friday Sophie ....
good luck with all the days till then !

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely to hear form you Roz,,, still madly dashing about getting it all together...3 weeks work... a one day show... what was I thinking?

However... on the expansive side of things... it really does stimulate a focused burst of activity and in a way is probably ideal in terms of gleaning something of this unique setting. One takes impressions and works with them in a fresh way. Its risky but enlivening and thats important too!

Velma Bolyard said...

sophie, "risky and enlivening". now that's a great reason for such a burst of energy! good luck on the show. i love the crossing/collaboration of disciplines you're achieving.

Sophie Munns said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Velma...
It seems like the time for such cross-overs and intermingling to break down some of the divides that exist out there!
Certainly it's refreshing one's personal perspectives here and there ... and that never hurt!
Your schedule for Melbourne looks wonderful by the way!

Elle and Lou said...

Congratulations Sophie- I would love to come along but unfortunately will be teaching - will there be another exhibition of this work? Lynda

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Linda,
one day events are tricky... will be keen to show work elsewhere... i='ll let you know!

ronnie said...

I trust it's been a fantastic day!

Valerianna said...

Wish I could pop in and see the show! Sounds like another wonderful learning moment for you.... I wonder how its informing your work? I loved seeing the first post about it, look forward to seeing pics of the show and how things have developed.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Ronnie...
was a huge day given it all went up, people came and then I packed up... in one day!
I staggered home exhausted but replaying wonderful exchanges, new and familiar one's who made it along and really... how well it went.
SUCh wonderful staff that helped in a big way. Very grateful!

Hi Valerianna,
I have just flopped since the show... watched films, laid low and caught my breath. That was one huge few weeks of non-stop engagements and work. Highly enervating but chewed up the energy!
Started stitching on Sunday ... went to a concerts dn sat with needle and thread all afternoon and then came home and stitched till late... actually realised I would stitch the canvas for my next painting.
Today was business and tomorrow I have to get back on the horse and also remember to do photos and blog about it properly.
SO much has been filtering in and then there was the guest speaker on friday as well. Much in that to think on!

Seriously owe all you wonderful bloggy friends a visit!

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