Monday, March 19, 2012

CAN YOU HELP? The biggest issue where I live...

is the current expansion in the mining industry. 

The news from those living with mining companies on their doorstep in the SEQ region where I live is looking distinctly bitter.
This is not a NO MINING rant. I live in a state and country that relies hugely on the Mining Industry. Mining is not going to disappear from the landscape of this country whilst-ever resources exist.
What we are questioning here are issues around where Mining is permitted in Australia...
the questions of where + when + how + why + by whom + for what outcomes! Questions it's our right to ask and be answered on. As custodians of the future it is up to us after all!

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q: why?
a: many feel consultation + debate has been completely denied and we need to learn much more about whats happening!

Last Monday I attended the Forum on Food Security in Brisbane. Many from the Farming and Tourism Sector were present to hear the stories of 6 women who's families, homes, communities and futures are being enormously affected by CSG and Open cut mining ventures that have come into their communities with little or NO community consultation. I wrote this post to relate information from that event.

This is prime Agricultural land... a 'Food Bowl' well known across this Continent. The vast water systems that cover the eastern states are also gravely implicated as being at risk...and health reports from families living next to Gas drilling paint desperate pictures. People's homes and properties slide in value and some just cant afford to move their families. There is no compensation!

                If you care to know more and learn more you can read the links above.

Please join us in sharing this post if you can ... the posters and links ... in whatever way you can. The story wont be over anytime soon without us being part of the changes we wish to see!

"For most wild things on earth, the future must depend on the conscience of mankind"  Dr. Archie Carr  
Via Megan Barnes

PS. THis morning (March 20th)  blogger Rhonda Ayliffe from ART & LIFE posted "a little left of field" on her blog about this issue. An artist on a farm in the beautiful south coast of NSW she understands absolutely what this means for the land, the farmers, the livelihood of communities and individuals.
I've taken this piece below from her writing for you to read ... do visit her blog to read the whole piece... she's a lively thinker, commenting on life in a wonderful country region... and the Art Practice she conducts from there!

"This is about mining our (aussie) farmlands - the damage it does to farmland and the environment, to families and rural communities. I'm lucky that our farm is not directly threatened (at the moment.... the big survey planes scanned our area for mining potential last year.... we seriously considered bringing out the shotgun and taking a potshot at the low flying bastards.... but I digress...)

For those of you not aware - Australian farmers do not own the mineral rights on their properties. This is controlled by the government (generally this means State government) - and the government can (as it does) give any company it favours open slather on our farms.  Our nation's prime farmlands are being turned into mining wastelands and farming families and rural communities are tossed aside without a thought (and even less financial compensation... not that your heritage has a price tag). All for a minuscule mining royalty (please follow the given links for all the facts and figures - including the percentage of overseas ownership of mining operations). It is a desperate and dreadful situation and one that I feel personally incensed by."

Thanks Ronnie ... may she inspire you to discuss these matters or ones of similar importance in your communities ... wherever you are!


Carole Reid said...

Will do. We need to raise the conscience of the men (they after all seem to be the ones running our world)!

Sophie Munns said...

Much appreciated Carole!

agreenearth said...

Tweeted. So with you on this.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Greenearth!

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