Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day Two at the Millennium Seed Bank

I arrived at Wakehusrt Place in West Sussex from London yesterday morning and was ushered to comfortable quarters to settle in for the 3 week stay. Meeting staff anmd other residencts was an interesting process and added much to the feeling of welcome and being able to get oriented quite quickly.

Ive taken lots of photos already but they are yet to be downloaded ... so this image introduces where I am ... the greehouse is actually located above the rooms where residents stay ... and these three scuptured seeds are by the artist Peter Randall Page whose woprk was also at the Eden Project. Well worth viewing his website as well.

Read an article from Marina Warner at the Guardian on this sculptor here. Its titled
Heart of Stone:  relying on natural forms – hives, spider webs, nautilus shells – Peter Randall-Page's sculptures are deeply connected to pleasure and the comfort of physical contact, finds Marina Warner.

Ive set up a studio in my room and have a table I can work on outside in a courtyard in the daytime as well. Plus I have an invitation to work in the labs which I look forward to once I get going. My contact person,  Wolfganf Stuppy has been wonderfully helpful. His books are on my desk for inspiration ... along with seed samples from the lab.

This is one of the books that Wolfgang Stuppy has produced for publisher Papadakis...  with artist Rob Kesseler. This book has a third contributer Madeline Harvey.

well... I#ve just created this post in the library on a PC and Imust say its been ages since \i used anything other than my Mac this has been a slow and clumsy effort.

Back soon as possible... hopefully with photos to share from this amazing place!


Heavens2Betsy said...

Really looking forward to reading about your Wakehurst experience and seeing all your photos soon. Enjoy. penny

Anonymous said...

So glad to know where and what you are up to! The book looks wonderful and I am off to view Peter Randall's work. The sculptures are so simple but....very powerful! Cheers lady.

Carole said...

Wow those sculptures are stunning! Good to hear from you. Feeling welcome and getting oriented will help your work along. Enjoy!

ArtPropelled said...

Loved seeing Peter Randall Page's work!Exotic Cargo and Granite Song showing the inside of the seed are just amazing pieces. Thanks for sharing your experience Sophie.

Sophie Munns said...

Good to hear from you all!
Its a beautiful sunny day here so drank it in on a morning walk.
A good working day too... nice an warm in my studio/room.

Lucy said...

i missed your send off, but SO happy to know you are there.

sounds bloody exciting!


Maggie said...

What an adventure Sophie! I love being there with you in spirit! Thanks for sharing all your experiences with us!

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