Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rethinking the greenhouse... Joost comes to Sydney

I just posted a longer story on this fabulous project that is located temporarily on Sydney's wonderful Harbour with views of the Opera House and ferries coming in.

Read my longer post here:

from the website:

Born into a dynasty of Dutch flower growers, Joost is a discipline-crossing creative who constantly draws on his ‘horti-culture’ to make artful commentary on the world’s wasteful ways. Working exclusively with the discard of human activity he has fashioned such extraordinary forms that the word ‘rubbish’ has risen from the scrap heap.Joost has been commissioned to design furniture, vertical gardens and event spaces in his trademark style juxtaposing nature and industry.  In March 2006, Joost set about the construction of a new home for his family, employing a unique building system; a contemporary take on a great sustainable construction method utilising straw bales set into a 100% recyclable steel framework. In 2008, the same building principles were used to construct the firstGreenhouse by Joost’, an exhibition and event space at Melbourne’s Federation Square which was open from November 2008 to January 2009 and attracted 1,000 visitors per day, global media attention from major publications and over 2.5 million viewers on YouTube. A permanent Greenhouse by Joost is currently located on St George’s Terrace in Perth, Western Australia and in 2010 received the Restaurant of the Year in Perth and attracts 800 to 1,000 visitors per day.

strawberry pots

OK.... THis you have to read... from here
I have designed the restaurant in reverse. I’ve started at the end and worked back. My dream has always been to build a restaurant that creates no waste and now I believe I can achieve it!” – Joost
Suppliers will only be able to supply fresh produce in returnable Chep crates. Like in Perth, fresh milk will be delivered from the farm straight to us in returnable stainless steel buckets with which we will make our own butter, yoghurt and mozzarella cheese. In Perth we stone grind almost 1 tonne of wheat every week and I anticipate we will use more here in Sydney.
A local wheat grower will provide us with wheat direct from the farm every week, we cut the thread on the bags in such a way that they can be returned and re-used. We will use our Flour Mill to grind the wheat into fresh flour to make bread, pastries, pasta and wood fired pizza. Oats will also be rolled fresh.
All our waste from the kitchen will be organic. This organic waste will be composted on site using a JoraForm in-vessel composter. This will grind and produce 10 litres of compost for every 100 litres of waste. Our  compost will be required to maintain the roof top garden. In Perth this year we have added almost 6000 litres of compost to our roof top garden (that’s 60,000 litres of waste we have composted!) Our cutlery is made from plantation timber and will be composted in the JoraForm, even the baking paper we source from Finland is unbleached and can be processed through the composter.
The rooftop garden is planted in Chep liquid bins that are traditionally used for transporting olive oil. The rooftop bar serves wine from returnable kegs or barrels. The beer will only be available on tap. I have also been working with Mitch from Hepburn Springs Mineral Water. Greenhouse Sydney will be the first to use carbonated water derived straight from the aquifer into kegs. This pure Australian carbonated water will be used to make our own Tonic, Soda and Cola. The house pours of Gin, Rum, Vodka and Whiskey are also Australian made and owned. Mark Douglass (glass artist) will transform the empty bottles into beer glasses as he does now for Greenhouse Perth.
The staff t-shirts designed in collaboration with Space-craft and Joost, re-printed using natural dyes, are overruns of political and business t-shirts salvaged by the Salvation Army.
The Greenhouse Sydney interior walls will be completely clad in MgO board (magnesium oxide board).  Joost has developed MgO board impregnated with Bio-Char so that The Greenhouse can store carbon within its walls! The Greenhouse steel framed walls are filled with straw and its doors and windows recyclable steel framed.
The toilets are Australian made Caroma Dorf, with the sink above the cistern using water from the hand wash to fill the next flush!  Waterless urinals are used and the kitchen and bathroom floors are lined with natural linoleum.
Joost has designed & made chairs out of old aluminium irrigation pipes.  They are incredibly light & have been named Squirt Chair! The leather used for the seats are off-cuts from a saddle makers in Ballarat (Victoria’s last tannery).  Lights have been made from willow trees and rolls of old fencing wire.


Anonymous said...

just flying by....I'll really read this later.I love Joost. So inspiring. And I love growing walls!

iNdi@na said...

reads like a littler ray of sunshine!

Elaine said...

I have not heard of Joost before this, but he sounds amazing! What wonderful things he is doing. Thank you for sharing, Sophie.

Sophie Munns said...

He may be taking this to San Francisco you could even get the chance to see it!
Wonderful concept and does so much for opening eyes by the sheer excitement and lateral thinking involved in every part of the idea.

Anonymous said...

Oi interessante este site parece bem estruturado.........Boa pinta :/
Adorei faz mais posts assim !!

Dominique K said...

Bonjour Sophie,

Je viens de lire votre message sur "la vie est belle " et je suis ravie de votre passage sur l'une de mes pages.
Quand je viens sur les vôtres, je suis à chaque fois impressionnée par la richesse de vos pages, la quantité
d'informations que vous partagez et comme je ne parle pas bien l'anglais, je dois utiliser un translator ce qui
modifie considérablement les données que je lis. Toutefois, je viens chez vous pour prendre une sorte de bain
d'énergie, d'intensité, de coopération et d'information. La nature de mon expérience sur le net est si différente
de la vôtre et j'imagine mes expériences également, pourtant, je sens que je vous rejoins dans notre humanité commune
et dans ce pas que nous sommes nombreux à faire, en cette période, un pas dans l'univers du Présent.

porte ouverte de l'ici et maintenant sur tellement de perspectives nouvelles, d'énergies nouvelles....

J'ai totalement confiance en l'humain. et j'adore notre Mère Terre.

Je suis heureuse de vous "connaître" un peu, Sophie, via le net, de vous rencontrer vite fait via tumblr parfois
Je vous souhaite le meilleur.


Anonymous said...

Dominique said:

I just read your post on "life is beautiful" and I'm glad your visit to one of my pages.
When I come to yours, I am always impressed by the richness of your pages, the amount
information that you share and since I do not speak English well, I use a translator which
significantly alter the data that I read. However, I come home to take a bath so
energy, intensity, cooperation and information. The nature of my experience on the net is so different
of yours and I guess my experiences as well, yet I feel that I join you in our common humanity
and that not many of us to do in this period, a step in the present universe.

open door of the here and now so many new perspectives, new energy ....

I fully trust humans. and I love our Mother Earth.

I'm glad you "know" a little, Sophie, via the net to meet you sometimes quickly via tumblr
I wish you the best.

Sophie Munns said...

I just used Google translation ....thank you Dominique!

Its lovely to visit your wonderful blog... and I am only sorry that I do not speak your beautiful language !
I appreciate that you still write to me a full message ... and one that is a delight to read.
You are very right about our common humanity.... it would be good for all to have this expanded view of the world... borders exist between many ... not just with language and with countries... but so many other factors too.
The one positive thing about watching what has happened in New Zealand is seeing the teams of experts arrive from different parts of the world to help... people working together.
Blogging can also be seen in this spirit of largesse and encouragement of each other no matter where we are from. I think it is a wonderful opportunity to open these doors to new possibilities like you speak of... its important to feel this attachment to the earth and to have trust that good things can happen...

I really appreciate your engagement with what Im doing and I am delighted to "know" you in the blogosphere Dominiqiue ...and I hope to get to see more of your ideas in time...Tumblr is fun... are you on tumblr?
my best wishes to you from across the oceans,

Dominique K said...

Oui, Sophie, Good memory, c'est moi..
Merci à "anonymous" d'avoir traduit mon message. Bonne journée à vous.

Sophie Munns said...

You're welcome Dominique...
have a lovely weekend,

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