Monday, May 3, 2010

collecting seeds and pods... collecting stories...

Last week in the Seed Lab at Mt Coot-tha was a rather brief visit. Whilst engaged in conversation in the Lab I had aquarelle colour pencils on hand and the seed journal so did manage to do a little light drawing. The pods below made a good subject after discovering a package left at the reception desk at the Gardens by long serving volunteer guide Carmel O'Keefe with whom I hope to catch up with soon to hear stories she has in mind to share on various seeds. I was very delighted that she was so thoughtful as to label the pods and bring them to Reception.

Albizia lebbeck is indigenous to Australia but not uniquely so... being found in quite a large number of locations outside this Continent. I found the forms satisfying to work with - as you will note some are more dried out and motley tones. The greener ones had a stark outline that reminded one almost of a caricature of a pod.

Some of the volunteer guides, Garden staff and others further afield are hearing that I am on the lookout for interesting seed pods and capsules over this year and keen to collect stories on various species of seeds and plants with samples where possible.

This has led to quite an number of people kindly coming forward... for which I am very grateful. Tapping in to so much available material is extremely beneficial and the anecdotal information can add greatly to available documentation. This year there will be a number of gatherings for discussions on  seeds and stories - the first is planned for the 5th of June which is World Environment Day. A flyer and details will be available next week about this event you are invited to attend if you are able to get to Mt Coot-tha on that day. I will be taking bookings - although it will be a free event - to ensure we have plans firmly in place for a lively gathering.

With appreciation to those who have shared material for this project to date!

Below: For the Embiggen gallery show I made cards using artwork from the Homage journal. So much work is to be found in the pages of one's journals that never ends up on the Gallery walls and the exhibition provided the perfect opportunity to offer the cards. The store carries an intoxicating range of books from the broad realm of the Sciences and quality Art and Design titles as well as more general titles and literature. 
Journal pages showing work from the seed lab and notes from research were ideal in this context. I will continue to sell these cards at events this year  -  you're welcome to place a request through this blog. ( schedule permitting for turnaround time-frame!)


Altoon Sultan said...

Those seed pods are very beautiful, especially in the green stage, with the varied colors and the rich green emphasizing the seed. What a treat to have these available to you!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Altoon,
there were so many things happening when I visited the Lab the other day... the drawing carried out absent-mindedly still photographed quite well for my purposes with these fascinating pods... reminding one that simple gestures when busy are better than missing the moment - especially when there are thoughtful people leaving one things to look at!
Your comment about the rich green emphasing the seed is spot on. Sculptural and tactile - they are most visually engaging.

mic_comte said...

Very nice work, the colors are wonderful.

sophie munns said...

Hello Monique,
lovely to have your visit this blog today!
I had a look at your lovely aquarelles ... do like the nasturtium drawing very much!
Hopt you return,ciao,

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