Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HARVEST 2010 - 20th March - Celebrating the Food, Culture and Art of Brisbane's First Nations and Migrant Communities

Northey Street Farm is the ideal venue for this colourful event featuring global cuisine, Music, dance, Art and Craft, children's activities and workshops demonstrating Northey Street's ongoing program around permaculture and Gardening.

Seed-saving is one of many activities taught here. The onsite Edible Landscapes Nursery opens everyday except Monday - with volunteer day on Friday morning. The use of open pollinated seeds from organic sources for all plants and seedlings with organic potting mix made onsite ensures this is a special nursery maintained with the help of many volunteers.

The Sunday organic market brings people from across the city and region clearly demonstrating the success of this intiative with so many flocking to this weekly event.

Brisbane City Council and Bemac - Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre - are hosting this day along with Northey Street Farm.

Below: A sample page from the farm's permaculture cookbook - 'Share'. At $20 a copy its impressive. An all time favourites is the humble nasturtium, having drawn them, painted them, eaten them, saved their seeds (SO easy!) and popped the flowers in jars of water around home and studio. Unable to  enlarge this image of the natsurtium pods below you can perhaps make out that they have been pickled -  they taste apparently not unlike Capers. On the right are Rosellas which are known for traditional jam making - the colour is vibrant and its one of the natives plants no doubt available at the nursery.

Share - Sample Page

From Sunday Organic market



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