Friday, November 13, 2015

Revisiting the studio archives blog!

Blogging these days is sadly something I barely find time for ... a recent check through this blog I discovered posts stripped of images... something has clearly gone wrong with the image bank for blogger... or my own image bank!

Once day I may have to delete the blogs but that is too harsh to think about now. I just posted this material below at my Studio Archives blog which has a great series of posts from 2009 till they tapered off last year to very minimal!

Its been a long time since I posted here. 

This morning I had a visit from Photographer Margie Bender who took this Studio panorama shot which I do rather like. Often when people visit the studio and its been a busy time I feel like I have to clean up first. Neither the studio nor myself were particularly well groomed but I like how it worked out... and looks a hell of a lot more organised than it feels.

Friday November 13th 2015 ... 

I started this blog in winter 2009 ... and I didn't really have a studio when I started, had been very ill & was  just getting things going again. So its great to be in a whole different phase where much has taken shape... although it must be said in 2009 it was easier to sell paintings, the economy in Australia hadn't fallen over from the GFC, global ecological disasters and Climate Change were less dominant in the general public's psyche even though many knew then that ignoring it was at our great peril. 

I spend more time on the Homage to the Seed page at Facebook and Instagram these days. So if you wonder what I am up to find me there... Homage to the Seed is alive and well.

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